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Are you thinking of buying a refurbished mobile instead of a new one? You should be acquainted with the grading system of second hand phones.

The grading system implies how well a second hand phone looks and functions. Cosmetic appearance is the first thing to be considered here. It gives you an idea as to how the previous owner treated it. And whether or not you should go ahead with purchasing it.

The grading system categorizes these phones into Grade A, B and C. Such a classification is based on various defects like cracked screen, scratches and so on. The system ensures that you receive as much information about the phone as possible.

Types of Second Hand Phones

Grade A

This is the finest quality of a refurbished mobile. The second hand phone segregated into Grade A seems new. There are only trifling signs of marks or scars on the screen or the keypad. You might find it difficult to figure out if it had been used previously.

Grade B

After Grade A second hand mobiles, come Grade B. The phones falling under this Grade work fine. They are sold only after having been repaired thoroughly. The major defects are removed. But some cosmetic issues such as abrasions and scuffs may be witnessed. You will not feel like you’re buying a new phone. The Grade B phones are however cheaper than Grade A hence, making them more popular.

Grade C

As the order suggests, Grade C comprises phones which are of lowest excellence. Grade C second hand phones also go through a rigorous process of repair. However, clear marks of usage may be seen on Grade C second hand phones. If you are in need of a phone but have a low budget, buy a Grade C phone.Grade C second hand phones would not disappoint you in carrying out everyday tasks. But you will have to bear with the visible forms of damage on the phone.

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In Conclusion

The above-mentioned grading system is the usual system followed by mobile phone sellers. Each vendor can have his own set of grades as per his view of phone’s work-ability. Nevertheless, the price of the most superior looking second hand phone would be the highest. It would be better to spend some time in evaluating the phones under each category. And then deciding about the one to be bought.

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