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Car maintenance was always a complex task for me. I always wondered why do these machines require all this attention? Can’t they just make perfect machines for once and for all? Then, I went to the car mechanic near me and after having a look at how he was doing his job I understood that no amount of precision can make a perfect car for eternity.

DIY car servicing is generally considered to be a practice taken up by automobile enthusiasts or former mechanics. Everyone else takes her car to a professional mechanic. I understand that there are a ton of things that only a mechanic can do for you. But do these activities have any economic benefits? Since my day job makes me deal with ascertaining the value of things, I started looking for answers. And I got one.

You give your car for servicing frequently. That said, there are a few things that you can do all by yourself and get economic benefits of up to ₹50,000 in a year in the form of savings made on repair costs, excessive servicing and maybe, even insurance claims.

Here are the top car maintenance tips:

1. Change the windshield wipers.

Your windshield wipers perform a simple task – keeping your windscreen clean so your vision does not get interrupted. For anyone who has driven a car in heavy rains, this is much more than just another mechanical task. In rains and sandstorms, it is almost a necessity.

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Even though the windshield wipers are so important, how many of us go and get them replaced frequently? I have seen cars with broken wipers and the owners are either oblivious about it or simply don’t care. You can buy a windshield wiper and change it yourself. This way, even if you have to drive in bad weather, you would’ve ensured that your view is clean enough for you to reach a safer place.

2. Change the engine oil.

The popular belief would say that engine oil should be changed every 5000 kms. Thanks to greater machinery under the hood, cars today can take that number up to 8000 kms. Even though that range has gone up, you don’t have to push the limit. On the suggestion of my car mechanic, I make sure that I change the engine oil every 4500-5000 kms.

I understand that this helps the engine run smoothly and makes my car more efficient in terms of fuel usage and power generation. It helps me save time and resources I would’ve otherwise spent in dragging my car when it would’ve run out of engine oil. Or even worse – in getting my engine repaired because I have been running it without the engine oil changed.

3. Check for the alignment of your wheels.

Fact check here – you cannot accurately check the alignment of your wheels all by yourself. That said and done taking it to a mechanic will pay for itself. This information helps you understand the condition of your car at a very fundamental level. Being able to detect misaligned wheels at the right time and fixing them can save your car from going into major disasters. Even if the misalignment is not major, it still has an impact on your car’s performance. Better aligned wheels equal more efficient performance.

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4. Change the spark plugs.

Spark plugs are responsible for producing power in your car that essentially makes each wheel spin. Every single manufacturer recommends owners to change the spark plugs of their cars frequently. Spark plugs that have been aggressively used or have been in use for years often tend to wear off. They have to be replaced after this point. Spark plugs are not that expensive. Plus, you can change them all by yourself if you have a basic understanding of what’s in your car. Even if you have to take it to the mechanic, the new spark plugs will give your car that extra power.

In Conclusion

Whether it is about changing the basic components of your car like the windshield wipers and engine oil, or whether it is a set of more complex system changes like a wheel alignment – these steps can help you save money every year. I found out that the biggest value-add of doing all of this comes when one is trying to sell the car. Thanks to all the extra care I took of my car I was able to sell it for 50% above its market value.

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