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Easy And Stylish DIY Home Decor Ideas To Transform Your House

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The decoration and the style of your home play a significant role in determining the mood of your house. Moreover, the decor of your house can affect the mood of the people living in it. Therefore, it is necessary to pay attention to the aesthetics and decorations of your home from time to time. Trying these new DIY home decor ideas will not only bring a change to the appearance of the house but will also ignite a new sense of joy within yourself.

To shake up the appearance of your house, you can either hire a professional designer or open the door of your creative mind. Hiring a designer only seems a viable option if you wish to renovate the place completely. For small makeovers and the implementation of new innovative ideas, it is better to follow DIY home decor ideas and become your boss.

How to DIY Home Decor, Pro-Style?

You aren’t a professional interior designer, and there isn’t a need to be one. All you require is a little jumpstart in DIY home decor ideas that will help you put a new perspective on existing things in your home.

Most of the time, we do not pay attention to the little details of our house. If you spend a little focused time on the aesthetics of your house, you can find multiple spots where something innovative can be done.

This article will expose you to the twenty-five easy and stylish DIY home decor ideas that will help in bringing out your creativity. So let us go ahead and check out some cool ideas that you can adapt to.

Easy And Stylish DIY Home Decor Ideas

Here is the list of 25 best DIY Home Decor ideas that will inspire you to take the aesthetics of your home to the next level.

1. Add a Mirror to Every Room

An idea as simple as this can bring a magnificent style to your home. Mirrors make the space brighter as they bounce light everywhere in the room. Have you noticed, you look amazingly beautiful when you try out a dress in a shop’s trial room. But when you wear the same dress back at home, it doesn’t feel as graceful as before.

The trick is hidden in the mirror. Mirrors create such an effect that everything around it seems beautiful. So add a stylish mirror in every single room of your house and make sure to place it on the wall perpendicular to the windows. This will make the light reflect better and enhance the beauty of your home.

2. Repaint your Dresser

If the shade of your bedroom is light and you have little artistic skills, you can makeover the look of your dresser. A white dresser with golden design in the center and shining golden knobs will bring a new life to your room. This is a simple DIY home decor that can be carried out using white and golden color acrylic paint. You can create a heart, diamond, and any custom shape of your choice.

3. Use your Creativity with a String

String Art

Having a classy design on a wooden background hung on the wall of your living room or study room will change the appearance of your room. To implement this idea, you do not need any pricey things. A wooden board, a series of nails, and plenty of strings will do the job for you. Make sure to choose the color of the string that matches your room decor.

4. Get Moon Effect with Bamboo Orb Lights

Bamboo Light

The beauty of the moon is beyond the describable words, and creating the same effect in your room will surely make your room look like heaven. Use bamboo strips to create a unique lantern for your home. Add a white light bulb inside the lantern and tie them to the sturdy hooks on your ceiling.

5. DIY Polaroid Gallery Wall

Creating a polaroid gallery wall for your home is a traditional yet elegant DIY home decor idea. Pick some of the most vibrant pictures of you and your family. The ideal choice will be to pick photos from vacations and holidays. Get the square prints of those photos and add them to a wall to make a gallery of your pictures.

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6. Add Organic Life with Decorative Vases

Flower Pot

Plants have an extremely positive effect on our life. They act as a mood swinger and alleviate all the stress from your mind just by their presence. Take some empty and mason jars and wine bottles, and paint them white. Create various style patterns on the bottle with washi tape and add a flower in each of them to refresh your day.

7. Use a Wooden Textured Wall for TV Background

TV On Wooden Bkg

A textured wall can bring in a new flavor and character to your living or bedroom. Using stained pallet pieces, create a chic wooden wall for your TV background. It will give a complete makeover background region of your television wall. You will appreciate its value every time you will sit to watch your favorite shows on the TV.

8. DIY Coffee Mug Rack

Coffee Stand

Making a coffee mug rack is a fairly simple process, and this little addition can seek the attention of every visitor in your home. Join together the wooden logs and pieces and add some sturdy hooks to hang your cups safely on the rack. You can even paint the rack with room decor color to make it even classier.

9. Create a Simple Gallery Wall

For implementing the DIY home decor ideas, it is not important that you must be an artist. Sometimes simplicity speaks for itself. Take some canvases and draw simple shapes like stripes or polka dots. Then add a frame to the canvases and create your own contemporary gallery wall.

10. Add a Hexagon Shelf to Your Room

Hexagon Shape

Shelves are one of the best places to showcase your creativity and add decorations to your house. You can use the popsicle sticks to build fashionable and classy shelves for your house. A hexagon-shaped shelf always looks attractive, especially when polished right.  So build this wonderful shelf and add a decorative inside it.

11. DIY Wall Geometric Pattern

To implement this DIY home decor idea, all you need is a painter’s tape and your favorite paint colors. Design random geometric shapes and patterns using the painter’s tape. Fill in colors to the blocks as per your preferences. It is advisable for you to use a maximum of three colors for the right contrast. Remove the tapes, and your modish wall is all-ready.

12. Feather Painting

DIY Home Decor Ideas

If you have a few hidden artistic skills, then implementing this modern style DIY home decor idea would be a piece of cake for you. Take a canvas and paint a beautiful design of feathers on the drawing sheets. The looks will enhance if you will add the colors of your favorite bird to the feather. Get them framed or simply add them to your living room wall.

13. Build a Ribbon Chandelier

Whether it is a seven-star hotel or a tiny restaurant, each of these places adds a chandelier to their roof because it aesthetically pleases the eyes of a viewer. Hence you too can build your own chandelier with ease. Take some pieces of satin ribbon and wrap them around a wreath frame to fully cover the surface. The colors lavender, purple, and white will make an astonishing chandelier for a light painted room.

14. DIY Twine Wrapped Bottles

DIY Home Decor Ideas

Use your empty wine bottles or find some old bottles from a local thrift store. Using a twine, wrap the bottles together and add some florals inside the bottles. Place them on your center table, dining table, or bed table and enjoy the new rustic touch of your room.

15. Make a Colorful Hanging Yarn for your Room

DIY Home Decor Ideas

Colors add value to our life. Seeing beautiful vibrant colors in the morning cheers up the mood as opposed to seeing the dull old walls. So using this DIY home decor idea, create a vibrant wall hanging using a wooden dowel and strands of yarn. Blend pastel colors with bright tones to build an exquisite contrast.

16. Bring in the Halloween Season to your House

Give a Halloween makeover to your dining table with the chalk paint pumpkins. Take pumpkins of different sizes and start painting them with your favorite colors. This addition will be eye captivating in all your home parties.

17. Stylize the Room with Decorative Wooden Chest

Are you a fiction fan or love to hear old classic pirate stories? If yes, then building a decorative wooden chest idea will definitely interest you. Assemble a wooden box and using the oil paint, polish the wooden box to give it an alluring look. Place the chest in your living room to store unrequired stuff.

18. Go Black and White with Your Wall

DIY Home Decor Ideas

The vintage black and white style never goes out of fashion. Collect some of your best candid photos, some slogans, and any other decorative piece. Make sure to print all of them in black and white and get them framed. Add them to the wall and enjoy its grace. That will also change your home design.

19. DIY Abstract Canvas Additions

Abstract paintings are the trendiest ways to showcase your creativity and skills. Take a black canvas and create abstract art and designs of your choice. Splash a range of colors like white, black, or gold over the design and provide an accent tone to your artwork. Hang them around in your bed or living room.

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20. Create a Whirlwind Cloud Lamp

DIY Home Decor Ideas

This is one of the best DIY home decor ideas that will give a fantastic thunderstorm feel to your room. All you need is a large pack of cotton and a light bulb to execute this classic idea. Take a few chunks of cotton and add black color to them using water paint. Mix them with the white cotton and add a bulb inside the cotton flakes to get the desired effect.

21. Bring in the Tropical Freshness to your Home

Get a few pictures of tropical things and elements and get them framed in different sized canvases. Add an indoor plant to the room and hand the frames behind it on the wall to enjoy the tropical mornings every day.

22. DIY Stamp Pillows

DIY Home Decor Ideas

A beautiful and simple way to add colors to your home is by stamping and applying charming colors on your cushion and pillow covers. Use pink, green, blue, yellow, and other bright colors and stamp fabric covers with stylish design and patterns. Add the cushions to your living room for brightening the environment.

23. Polka Dot Wall Art

Want a simple and elegant DIY home decor idea? Take a large-sized canvas and using the acrylic and watercolor paint, add polka dots to the sheet. Get the canvas framed in a golden striped frame and place it at the center of your living room wall.

24. Add Vibrant Garland to your Walls

Ever been to a Tibetian monastery? The high flying flags and garlands completely transform the looks of the place. Likewise, you can beautify the walls of your home with colorful garlands. Use alternative colors to add in extra personality.

25. Create your Own Fancy Starburst Mirror

DIY Home Decor Ideas

You do not require any large resources or massive time to get this DIY home decor idea implemented. Simply start by taking some wood shims. Place them over a round frame and start pasting them adjacent to each other using a strong adhesive. When the frame is seventy percent done, add in the mirror at the center and complete the pasting process to create a ravishing mirror.

Wrapping Up

Home decorations can go from decorating the whole room to simply adding accents to your rooms. Whatever DIY home decor ideas you wish to choose, remember a personalized item created with love can always impact its surrounding positively. So you may select any of the given ideas and implement them in your own way to get truly beautiful and delightful results.

How to Decorate My Room DIY?

Just by making small adjustments in your room, it can get a totally new makeover. You can decorate your room just with the use of a few DIY home decor Ideas. If you are looking for a quick and fast way, add a big stylish mirror in front of your bed wall to make the room look brighter and shiner. Else, build some easy to make DIY handmade sculptures, paintings, or wallpapers to raise the aesthetics of your room.

How to Make Decorative Items at Home?

You can change the look of your home and turn it into a living bliss with just small additions in your home. All you need to do is find those items in your house that are just sitting around and are of no use, such as an old piece of furniture, lamps, and outdated clothes. Then using the several DIY home decor ideas, you can create new stylish items for your home walls, shelves, and much more to enhance its appearance.

How do you Make Easy Homemade Decorations?

The best way to bring a new look to your home without putting in many efforts is by using simple DIY home decor ideas. Make a selection of some of the best pictures of you and your family. Get them printed in square prints and then paste them on the sidewall of your living room. The polaroid gallery wall will enhance the aesthetics of your home.

Do it Yourself Home Decorating Ideas on a Budget?

It's never too hard to find the best DIY home decor ideas that can improve the appearance of your house without putting a burden on your pocket. You can rearrange your furniture, use a paint spray or acrylic over a wall, or add a piece of woodwork to your home to refresh the look of your home. Just by making these small additions, the way your house looks will get beautifully changed.

Where do I Start to Decorate My House?

The foremost thing for a good decoration in your house is to first thoroughly analyze your place. You do not have to create large plans that won’t achieve the desired results. Instead, start from the basics. Start by cleaning your house and look out for the places that look empty and the possibility of any kind of additions is there. Then check out some good DIY home decor ideas and implement the one that you find is less complicated. Once done, then consider working on big ideas.

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