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How to Use a DIY Kit for Car Tyre Puncture Repair

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Car owners would know that their vehicles need to be maintained regularly. Car maintenance can become expensive if one needed a mechanic for minor repairs, like car tyres. Fixing a punctured tyre is a skill that is relatively easy to learn and requires only the tools present in a DIY or Do It Yourself Kit. It can prove to be especially helpful if one does not have the time to wait for a mechanic. Neeraj and his son, Rohan’s experience is a good example of why such a skill might come in handy:

Rohan: Will you ever teach me how to drive, dad?

Neeraj: You’re only 20, beta

Rohan: So? Most of my friends know how to drive.

Neeraj: Fine, I will teach you how to drive soon.

Rohan: No! You’ve been saying that forever. I want to learn now!

Neeraj: It is not possible now beta. We are on the highway. It is extremely dangerous. After we return from your mama’s house, I will surely teach you. Plus, the car seems to be wobbly right now…

Rohan: Is the tyre punctured?

Neeraj: You know what? That could actually be true.

Stopping the car on the side, Neeraj starts to inspect the tyres. It turns out that his 20 year old son was right indeed. The right tyre at the front seems to be punctured.

Neeraj: Well, I guess you might just be enough old enough to learn how to drive. The tyre has been punctured. We will need to replace it.

Rohan: But how? The mechanic will take a long time to come and we will get late for the puja.

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Neeraj: Don’t worry dear. If we needed the mechanic for such routine repairs, we would end up spending a lot of money. Ready for your first lesson? Let me teach you how to change a tyre using a DIY puncture repair kit. Get it from the dickie please.

Rohan: Yay! OK

Neeraj: First we need to loosen the lug nuts on the old wheel by rotating the wrench. Here, try it.

Rohan rotates the wrench till the lug nuts are loose enough.

Neeraj: Next, we need to jack this car using the floor jack so that we can remove the wheel. And then, we remove the damaged wheel.

Rohan: Alright

Neeraj: Now, let’s find out the location of the rupture…Voila! Do you see it?

Rohan: Yep

Neeraj: Bring a marker from the car please. We need to mark the location of the rupture.

Rohan: Getting it

Then, Neeraj pulls out a metal bar with a wooden handle. When Rohan returns to him with the marker, he marks the point of rupture on the tyre.

Rohan: What is that, dad?

Neeraj: This is called a rasp tool. We insert it in and out of the hole quickly to clean it. Then, we apply the adhesive and use the insertion tool to fill the hole with this plug.

Rohan: Hmm

Neeraj: After the adhesive dries out, we cut the part of the plug that is sticking out. And, finally…

Rohan: We pump air!

Neeraj: Correct! You’re a fast learner, aren’t you? So, can you recap the whole process for me?

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Rohan: Only if you promise to start teaching me how to drive once we return from mama’s place.

Neeraj (laughs): OK. OK. Promise. Now tell me.

Rohan: Well, you loosen the lug nuts, jack the car, find the rupture, clean it with raps tool.

Neeraj: Rasp, rasp tool. Not raps tools

Rohan: Oh, okay. Then you clean it with the rasp tool, apply adhesive, insert the plug and pump air!

Neeraj: Correct! Don’t forget to insert the fixed tyre back onto the car before you drive!

Rohan: Dad yaar! Your jokes are really not funny.

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