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3 Things To Keep In Mind Before Enema Application

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Enema application refers to the process of injection of liquid through the anus to stimulate stool evacuation. A liquid treatment to get relief of severe constipation, it can be performed even at home.

However, here are three Do’s that will help you go through the entire process hassle-free.

1. Sterilise all the equipment and keep some essential supplies

If you are administrating enema at home, it’s important to sterilise all the required equipment. Also, make sure you have a lubricant on hand and be careful while preparing the enema solution. While preparing the solution, make sure to mix all the components in the proportion desired. At the same time, keep these essential supplies ready:

  • A few large towels
  • Distilled water at body temperature
  • Newspapers

2. Empty your bladder

This is essential to reduce the pressure on the colon. At the same time, it’s handy to place a cloth in the area between the bathtub and toilet. This is useful in case the fluid leaks out of the bowel, when you stand up to empty your colon. Equally important is to measure the enema tube so that you don’t end up inserting it too deep into your rectum.

Generally, it’s advisable not to insert this tube more than 4 inches. If you do so, there are chances of your rectum getting injured.

3. Get to a comfortable place before starting

Once you have everything ready, it’s important to find a warm and comfortable place to perform the exercise. A private bathroom is one of the best places for enema administration. Also, there should be a place for the enema bag to hang from.

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Note that after you perform an enema, the body evacuates in just a few seconds. Therefore, a private bathroom helps to conduct the entire exercise comfortably.

If you are unfamiliar with enema application, make sure to seek help from trained nurses and medical professionals. They can also offer advice on choosing the right kit at over the counter pharmacies. Also, before performing the exercise at home, it’s important to consult with your doctor.

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