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Documents Needed For Buying And Selling Used Car

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In one of our previous infographics, used cars market in India, we had mentioned that most of us prefer a pre-owned car as our first car considering a lot of aspects around road confidence, safety, budget and more. Interestingly, we had a lot of people reaching out to us asking us if we could shed more light on the process of buying or selling a used car.

They wanted a simplified representation of how the process works, the documents required and a few other checklists that would help them. And this infographic is the result of that request. We have tried answering a few of their questions and visualized them in the simplest ways possible.

Have a look.

Documents Needed For Selling/Buying Used Car

Registration Certificate

This is issued by the RTO and is possessed by the car owner.

PUC Certificate

Not the school certificate but the Pollution Under Control certificate. You need to possess or ask for the original certificate as well as all those issued ever since the car was purchased.

Insurance Paper

This is mandatory and is possessed by the car owner.

Form 29 and 30

This has to be compulsorily submitted during the transfer of ownership. This is available on Vahan website for an easy download.


No Objection Certificate –  use form 28 to get an NOC from all third parties.

Address Proof

Any government verified or issued address proof of both buyer and seller

Legal Sale Agreement

This is again issued by the RTO and is possessed by the car owner.

Clearance Certificate

The local RTO issues a clearance certificate to the seller approving the transfer of ownership.

Apart from these, there are few highly resourceful links and information on the infographic such as website links and contact numbers to check ownership statuses and guidelines. Check them according to your region and have a seamless buying or selling process.

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