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Does Your Scooty Require Wheel Balancing?

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I completed my MBBS studies last year and joined a clinic near my home to practice. My parents gifted me a pre-owned Scotty so that it does not take long for me to reach the clinic. When we bought the scotty the mechanic advised me to get it serviced every 1500 km. I did not use the Scotty excessively. My regular run covered traveling from home to the clinic and vice versa.

One afternoon while driving to the clinic I noticed uneven and odd vibrations from Scotty. I stopped and stepped down for inspection, but failed to notice anything unusual. I parked it in a nearby parking area and took an auto-rickshaw. I called dad and informed him about the problem. He had a duplicate key and arranged for someone to pick up Scotty. When I returned home, Dad and I visited the dealer and discussed the problem with him. We intended to return the Scotty as it had hardly been two weeks of purchase and it had already broken down.

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Few Signs Which Indicate That Your Scooty Needs Wheel Balancing

It’s all about wheel balancing

After a test drive, the dealer informed us that the wheel-balancing of the vehicle was not checked before delivery. The problem of vibration was caused due to that. We could have discovered it on the first day itself but, because my regular run was shorter, I could not notice it. He assured us after the wheel balancing it will be as good as a new one. The overall condition of the Scotty was good so we agreed with the dealer and asked him to do the necessary.

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I did not know anything regarding Wheel-balancing and I asked dad about it. He explained that Wheel-balancing is an essential part of Scotty maintenance as it ensures that both the front and rear wheel are well-balanced. Both the tyres balanced according to wheel weight ensure smooth functionality. After frequent use or after the purchase of new tyres, wheel balancing is inevitably required.

Dad also told me that we may not know exactly when wheel balancing is required because the difference between the weights of the wheel might just be of a few grams, which is invisible to the naked eye. Although, there are a few signs which indicate that your vehicle needs wheel balancing.

Unusual wearing off tyres is also a sign of unbalanced wheels.

If the tyres seem to be wearing off faster than usual, it may be an effect of improper wheel balancing. Two-wheelers are affected faster compared to four-wheelers because the entire weight is transferred to one wheel. Hence, the increased pressure and friction on one wheel results in faster wearing.

Unbalanced wheels make it difficult to drive at high speeds.

If you find it hard to control the Scotty at a high speed, it could be because of uneven wheel balancing. Scotty loses steadiness due to the difference in weight and steadiness is required the most at higher speeds. Signs of discomfort like the irregular effect of breaks, wheel sliding, and improper rotation of wheels are also indications of wheel balancing issues.

In addition to these factors, if you face any other disturbance and inconvenience it must be checked by the car mechanic near you. The default balancing is disturbed according to the usage of the vehicle. If a vehicle is used constantly it might require balancing every thirty or sixty days. And, if a vehicle is not used frequently, the balancing can be checked once every three or four months.

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In Conclusion

Improper wheel balancing in a Scotty makes it prone to accidents. If it is left uncorrected the situation will worsen with time. Hence, make sure your Scotty is regularly serviced and the wheel balance is maintained & aligned in time. Do not hesitate to visit the car garage near you if you find any suspicious noises or disturbances in your vehicle. Depending upon your usage, ask your mechanic to check for wheel balancing.

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