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What To Do If You Accidentally Drop Your Phone In Water?

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There are three things I can’t live without — food, water and my smartphone. My smartphone is like my best friend – it knows everything about me and helps me when I need it. Being someone who is always alert, careful and in-the-moment, I took it for granted that accidents would never occur to me.

Until the day it happened.

I was on a vacation with family in Bali and like any other long-awaited vacation, I was looking forward to this one. We got nice accommodation for ourselves. The best part was that we had our very own private pool, too.

Now, one of the main reasons I can’t stay away from my phone is because of the memories it has in it. Through pictures, videos and anecdotes, it’s a virtual journal of my life I carry with. And in a vacation like this, I was bound to take pictures. My whole family gathered in the pool and I too stepped in for the perfect Instagrammable (if that’s even a word) selfie.

And there it went. From snap to splash, the phone went screen-first inside the water. I panicked and I saw my entire family panicking. However, I was quick in getting it out of the water and following some really good tips from my family.

I Dried It Off

One of the first things I did was rush outside the pool, grab a towel and wipe my full-screen mobile dry. My memory card was loaded with images. So, I was quick in pulling it out from the handset along with the battery and SIM card. I wiped any visible water droplets dry and let it rest under the sun — untouched — for a while.

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No, I Did Not Use the Hotel Blow Dryer

One of my family members had seen a life hack video on YouTube and instantly suggested I use the hotel blow-dryer. I was also asked to keep it in the microwave for a while. Anyone with a basic knowledge of science wouldn’t do that. I ignored the tips and ordered a cup of uncooked rice.

As soon as it was delivered, I immersed my full-screen mobile with the panels open inside and put it to rest for a while. What happens is the uncooked rice wicks any volume of moisture stuck inside your phone. It makes sure your phone is not just dry from the outside but from the inside as well. There are many other mobile repairing tips.

One of the other techniques on mobile repair was to use silica packets like the ones you would find in electronic or shoe shipments. Silica packets do what rice did for my mobile.

Other Bad Practices

While my phone did switch on after a while. From the experience, I learn that you

  • Shouldn’t shake the device to wick the water droplets off. It makes the water present inside spread to other sensitive parts
  • Shouldn’t plug it in or charge it
  • Should never press buttons or keep restarting it. It is best to leave your device at rest until water is completely dried off
  • Should be cautious while using your phone around water bodies

In Conclusion

The hacks given here will help you revive your phone for the time being since it is almost impossible to be proactively prepared for an accident. While these are quick hacks you can follow to get your phone up and running, there are other techniques you could go for like a full-fledged mobile repair with experts.

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The tips given here are quick fixes that will get your phone running in no time. But, it is always a better decision to take your phone to an authorized service centre if you are still facing difficulties in using it.

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