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E-Waste Management: Better Options To Dump Your Electronics

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In recent times, technological developments have happened at an unprecedented pace. People are increasingly inclined to buy the latest gadgets. But often the quantity of e-waste that we generate in the process goes unnoticed. This is in terms of the chargers, data cables, old phones, tablets, laptops and more.

Generally, we dump these electronics like other wastes. But this is not a sustainable practice since it is not biodegradable and releases heavy metals and other toxins to the environment. In fact, it is owing to the seriousness of the nature of e-wastes that almost all governments, including India, have enacted comprehensive E-Waste Management Rules to deal with the same.

What happens to E-waste?

It is important to know what happens to the e-waste when we dump the same. Depending on the gadget, it may contain dangerous chemicals like cadmium, beryllium, lead, brominated flame retardants and mercury. Improper disposal may lead to the release of these chemicals into the air, water sources or soil. Thus, the contamination of these elements will cause various environmental problems harming us in the long run.

How to dump your e-waste wisely?

To ensure that there is no damage to the environment, the following options can be used for dumping your electronics. These are also known as E-waste management methods:


Instead of discarding your old electronics as useless, you can sell the same. Many people are looking for second-hand electronics such as refurbished mobiles. Moreover, sometimes you may get done some minor mobile repairs that will increase the resale price of the gadget.

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E-waste recycling:

E-waste cannot be recycled as easily as other wastes owing to their hazardous and non-biodegradable nature. Thus, e-waste recyclers are often those certified organizations who are qualified to convert these electronics into non-polluting substances.

The procedure is generally very intricate and involves many stages. You can easily search on the web for certified E-waste recyclers near you. These are generally non-profit organizations. This is probably the best way of dumping your old electronics especially when you cannot or do not want to use them.


You can donate these electronics for further use. This will ensure minimizing the amount of e-waste in two ways. This is because both the donor and donee are reducing additional waste on their part.

Exchange programs:

Some electronic companies offer exchange programs. This is a chance for you to give your old electronic devices and get a discount on your new purchase. In addition to being financially viable, this is a very good e-waste management option. These companies separate the parts and use the good ones for manufacturing other electronics.

In Conclusion

If you want to dump your electronics, these are some innovative ideas. They are eco-friendly and rewarding. Remember, a little change goes a long way. Considering the large number of gadgets disposed of every day, these methods will help us to counter the problem of e-waste. Try to encourage other people to step in now that you know what to do, when discarding an old gadget.

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