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Are you running on a busy schedule? Or, are you living in a different city than your parents? If your answer to any of these questions was yes – I can relate with you. Not being able to look after your parents when they are aging is a daunting experience for any child. If you are separated by geographic limits, the responsibilities just become all the trickier.

When I moved from my hometown, I was pretty sure I would visit my parents every month. And in a few years, I will bring them here with me. Before I could do that, during the Diwali preparation, my dad’s leg slipped from the stool he was standing on and he fractured one of his ankle bones. Thank God, he just had some back pain in the coming weeks and nothing serious. But I was full of guilt – I couldn’t be there when he was resting at home. That was when one of my colleagues asked me to think about home care attendants.

Ways To Support Senior Citizens

Who is a home care attendant?

If your loved ones need medical attention on a regular basis, you should focus on getting a nurse. That said, getting a nurse who is attending your loved ones every single hour is not always viable. Instead, you can hire a home care attendant who helps your loved one with every single life-sustaining activity, that she or he may need help with.

A home care attendant will do everything that you can do. This means that they will help your loved ones with everything except the medical procedures.

Usually, when a patient is recovering from heavy illness, she needs support in moving from one day to another. Whether it is just taking a stroll from one room to another, or going to the washroom, or something simpler like eating – they need help. If you are running on a busy schedule, it can get very difficult for you to attend to all their needs. This is where home care attendants are of immense help.

How do you find a home care attendant?

This would largely dependent on where are your parents staying and what all medical problems are they facing. Usually, home care attendants working in the nearby hospitals might get ready to work as home care attendants. Since they are not performing medical procedures, home care attendants are more affordable than 24 x 7 nurses. You might even have to make arrangements for the home care attendant to stay in the house.

To me, getting a home care attendant was the best decision I could’ve taken. From the day she started living in our house, I started feeling a bit more relaxed. Not only this, my dad started showing great recovery. He did complain about some shoulder pain, for which she took him to a doctor. But it all turned out fine; much better than I had expected.

How do you decide whether a home care attendant is good for your parents or not?

Generally, female home care attendants are able to take care of both male and female patients. That said, you might even go for a male home care attendant to help your parents in more needful hours. Initially, you should check the attendant’s background and ensure that she/he is fit to work. For this, you should go for a thorough due diligence and background check, to ensure that she/he does not have a criminal record.

Once you have appointed someone to be a home care attendant, make sure you brief them thoroughly about the medical history of both your parents. The best way to do this would be to make the home care attendant visit your family doctor, who is aware of the medical history of your parents and let the doctor brief the attendant.

Now when I am working, I can pick up the phone and call my mom-dad anytime, and I will get to hear from my home care attendant that they are fine. This in itself gives me all the strength in the world.

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