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Effective Remedies To Cure Heat Induced Skin Ailments

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The sweltering summers leave no chance to make you yearn for cold lemonade and sit in centralized AC for hours. More than the unquenchable thirst and drenching sweat, it’s the heat borne diseases and itchy skin that stay with us for long.

While heat-induced bumps and rashes might cure on their own, we should also consider the possibility of these seemingly minor skin issues resulting in heat borne ailments. Hence, it is wise to be prepared with remedies beforehand.

Remedies To Cure Heat-Induced Skin Ailments

Tripti has visited her mother, Geeta, with her 5-year old son, Harsh. When Geeta learns about the heat rashes on Harsh’s back, she tells Tripti about some natural remedies that can cure Harsh’s skin rashes. Harsh is unusually subdued when Geeta hugs him. As a doting grandmother, she wants to make the most of her time with her precious grandson.

Harsh winces in pain as Geeta squeezes him tight. Tripti springs to her feet and rushes to her son. Geeta looks bewildered as to what was happening. After gently consoling Harsh, Tripti turns to her mother. The anxiety in her eyes tells Geeta that something is not quite right.

Tripti tells her mother than Harsh is suffering a lot because of the heat rashes that have covered his entire back. Just then, Harsh, unable to bear the irritation in his back, takes off his t-shirt and Geeta notices the hives of heat rashes spread across his back.

Geeta regrets having caused her grandson discomfort. She resolutely looks at Tripti and says that the rash would be gone in no time. Tripti seems clearly frustrated. All her efforts so far at tackling the problem have utterly failed. She tells Geeta that she had consulted Harsh’s doctor as well as a renowned dermatologist, but to no avail. No amount of antiseptic solutions, skin creams, cooling skin powders or antibiotics had proven effective. Rather, it only seemed to make matters worse.

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Geeta replies that the chemical-filled medicines could be to blame and suggests that Tripti embrace natural healing practices instead.

Tripti is all ears now. She recalls that her mother’s natural home remedies had relieved many a toothache when she was younger. She recalled having suffered a few bouts of rash herself. It was Geeta’s remedies that had brought her relief then.

Geeta could tell that her daughter was drifted into memories of her childhood. She explains how she would run cold water over her rashes for a few minutes to prevent these rashes from turning into a serious ailment. Running cold water helps to reduce the pain and prevents the burn from damaging deeper layers of skin. Further, washing the skin gently can unclog the pores, which is very crucial, since clogged pores contribute to heat rash.

Tripti is apprehensive about whether her mother’s age-old approach would work.

Geeta acknowledges her concern. She adds that she also used to apply aloe vera gel directly on to the affected area. Aloe vera has anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties that stop bacteria from growing. It also cools down the heat in the red bumps and rashes and prevents infection, she explains.

Smiling, Tripti says that she had aloe-vera plants in her garden which she could put to use preparing the gel.

You can also apply neem paste and honey on Harsh’s rashes, Geeta continues. Neem is an effective remedy for skin rashes. It’s anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial properties cure the bumps faster. Similarly, honey has clinical benefits like sterilizing the affected area and preventing infection. It also soothes burned skin and relieves the pain, it is very helpful in skincare.

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Tripti is relieved. Not only because the ingredients her mother mentioned were easily available Ma, but also because they did not have any side effects. She voices her concern over Harsh’s declining appetite. She puts it down to the antibiotics and other medicines he has been on.

For instant relief, Geeta recommends Hydro-cortisone cream and Calamine lotion that help in soothing the itchiness of the skin and decrease the inflammation. You can give Harsh Ibuprofen, which is a safe, non-steroidal, and effective choice as a pain-reliever, Geeta says.

Tripti is grateful and thanks to her mother for her words of wisdom.

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