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Thanks to social media, Yoga is finally getting the attention it should. We Indians know it is not a new practice, it is an ancient science that people have been following for the ages. It is a group of mental, physical, and spiritual practices that help elevate your mood, cleanse your spirit, invigorate your body, and sharpen your mind. Let’s have a discussion on how yoga affects our body.

Effects of Yoga on Body

Yoga helps us attain increased flexibility.

The most prominent benefit of yoga is the flexibility you get in your body. The regular practice of Yoga can help you achieve this in a great manner.

Yoga helps lower blood pressure.

Hypertension is an extremely common health concern. People who experience mild to moderate hypertension can benefit from regular yoga. Yoga helps in calming down your body and also helps you to achieve a balance of your body.

Yoga reduces chronic neck pain

Ask people who suffer from chronic neck pain on a regular basis. It becomes really difficult to focus on anything.

A German study hinted that four weeks of practicing Iyengar yoga can help reduce the intensity of pain in adults suffering from neck spasms and general neck related issues.

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Yoga lowers the risk of heart disease

Research also indicates that regular yoga practice can help lower the risks of heart disease due to high blood pressure, blood sugar, or cholesterol.

Effects of Yoga on the Mind

Yoga helps with anxiety and depression.

Anxiety and depression are two serious mental concerns that have become very common these days. With a daily practice of yoga it can be well controlled and you can have better mental health.

According to research conducted by Harvard University, an article was published as in how yoga helps in regulating a person’s stress responses & improves concentration.

It strengthens memory and improves concentration.

We all struggle with concentrating on regular tasks, and it starts to become frustrating. Ultimately, we start following deadlines and everything starts to become a mess. However, Yoga has proven to be useful in improving your memory and concentration.

There is a limb of yoga known as Dharana—the practice of concentration & improving Focus—Dharana is famous because it helps us in understanding what it means to clear the mind and calm our senses.

It improves mental as well as psychological well-being.

Life can be stressful! Overthinking and stress lead to many mental and psychological issues.  According to the British Psychological Society, yoga involves concentration and is all about breathing techniques— this is a fantastic way to calm your stress level and have a peaceful mind.

Yoga reduces the effects of traumatic experiences.

Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) Do You know about this Disorder & if you don’t then please read it Below?

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Well, a lot of people have developed it. As a result of unpleasant incidents in life, people develop this disorder. People having this mental illness often have experience flashbacks and nightmares.

A form of yoga known as Hatha has been instrumental in reducing PTSD symptoms.

Effects of Yoga on the Soul

Yoga improves relationships

One of the most important aspects of yoga is mindfulness. Yoga can play a great part in helping you enjoy your present life, you focus on the positive side of life and ignore whatever may be the condition or scenario. Life is all about relationships and Yoga is totally worth trying.

Yoga has a positive impact on mood.

Yoga has the Spiritual power which enhances us to release the endorphins in our brains; these are actually  “feel good” chemicals that are released when a person is happy. Various studies have proven that yoga helps in releasing endorphins.

Yoga helps us attain inner peace.

The stress of life can be dangerous, however, most of which are unwanted and can be avoided. Yoga helps you to keep calm and get your inner peace.

Yoga helps us cope with hardships.

There are new challenges every day of our lives. Hardship is definitely a part of it. With regular yoga asanas, you keep your head down and focus on the right aspects. It helps you fight hardship with ease.

If you have not been practicing Yoga, this is the time for you to start and get a drastic change In your life. It will help you get an amazing balance of mind, body, and soul. Let us know in the comments if you want more such informative articles.

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