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It is generally believed that men are supposed to play a specific role around children – be the goofy dad and let the mother take care of all the serious business. That is not the case in our house. When we got pregnant, my wife and I were very clear about our duties toward nurturing our child. She was the team leader, guiding from the forefront and I was the follower, taking cues from her lead. When she was resting all day long in her last trimester, I decided to do my own research on what should we do and how should we do it, when it came to deciding what was good for our child. I got so engrossed in researching on what would be good for our child that I kept doing it, even after our beloved child was born.

In my little research over the last two years, I got to learn a lot about infant nourishment. Before this, I had a general understanding which has been passed down to all of us for generations – a mother’s milk is all that a child needs for the first six months of her life. Sure, it works in most of the cases. But that does not mean there are no alternatives. After all, we can leave a child to develop the immunity it needs from diseases; yet, we give her the vaccination when necessary. The same logic applies to nutrition and nourishment.

There are products available in the form of formula products built using cow’s milk. If you are using a premium product and ensuring that its quality remains intact, these alternatives can be as good as a mother’s milk. I also got to know that some mothers don’t have a healthy amount of milk produced. Even in such instances, these formulations can be of great help. Instead of thinking about the mother’s breast milk or the formulation supplement in isolation, observe the development of your child and use both these for optimal results.

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When you start looking for formulations, here are the key baby nutrients you should look for:

The Key Baby Nutrients

Carbohydrates and Protein

Proteins become the building blocks of muscular growth. Between the first few months and the third year, your baby’s weight will grow rapidly, and this is perfectly healthy. This period of growth will require a very good amount of protein for muscle building as well as carbohydrates for keeping the body well-energized.


Iron is critical to the development of the child in two key areas: one, it affects the growth and development of the brain and two, it is important for the development of blood cells. Supplements provide a great avenue for children to get umpteen amounts of iron, that directly helps them grow in a healthy manner. I especially looked for formulations that were iron-rich. Babies who are dependent on only breast milk may face a little deficiency of iron. After consulting your doctor, you can provide formulated supplements for the same.


Fats may put adults into a spiral of phobia, but babies need it in a good quantity. Fats are critically important for skin and hair growth. They also help in providing a secondary source of energy in the body, so the baby isn’t left feeling hungry very frequently.


Calcium is the basic component of the structure of the human body since it builds up the bones as well as the teeth. Calcium is largely present in the milk the children intake, including the mother’s breast milk and the formulated supplement milk. Thus, by all means, enough calcium is provided to the children, irrespective of what you choose. Yet, make sure your child is taking a healthy amount of intake every time it eats/drinks.

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Vitamin A, B, C, D and E

These vitamins are present in the mother’s milk as well as the supplemented milk available in the market. Now, most of these vitamins help in extracting and synthesizing the nutritional elements from the food that is taken in. Thus, along with all the other baby nutrients, it is extremely important to take these vitamins as well.

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