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Essential Pet Vaccination

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Puppies are godsent. They light up our lives and fill any void there has been. Selfless, puppies are truly our best companions. If you’re a puppy or a dog lover like us, you would realize how blessed you are to raise one.

As much as they are adorable and fun to have, they also come with some basic requirements associated with their health and hygiene. Your puppy is prone to tons of life-harming viruses and bacteria on a daily basis and some could even be lethal. As pup owners, we all want to grow with them and become old in their company.

But for that to happen, you need to understand your responsibilities in raising your puppy the right way. If you’re someone who’s just adopted a puppy for the first time and wondering how to go about getting them vaccinated, here’s an infographic made just for you.

The infographic will shed light on the fact that there are five vaccines for your puppy. These vaccines work on multiple organs of your puppy and ensure they are hale and healthy and function they way they are supposed to.

For instance, the first vaccination you provide for your puppy takes care of its respiratory system. This is given once every three weeks for until 12 to 14 weeks. A booster is then recommended annually.

The second vaccine takes care of your pup’s nervous system, where a vaccine shot is given when your pup is 3 months old. A booster shot is then given when your pup is 9 to 12 months old.

Similarly, there are three more vaccines provided and they are mentioned on the infographic below. Head there and get more details about getting vaccines for your puppy. This is information to get started on vaccine education for your puppy and we recommend getting in touch with your vet before making any decisions.

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