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6 Exams Preparation Tips During COVID – 19

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The COVID-19 pandemic has been an unprecedented crisis worldwide. Be it dealing with a rigorous lockdown, curfew, or stay-at-home orders; you’ve had to hole up in your house for (sometimes) weeks on end and adhere to a litany of restrictive measures.

However, for a student, navigating this crisis can be even more challenging, especially with various competitive tests around the corner. That’s because a student would always be in a race to beat the clock. With that said, read on to know the top exam preparation tips during COVID-19 pandemic, and how you can integrate these in your ‘new normal’ schedule:

Exams Preparation Tips For Students During COVID-19

Clean the study space

Have a desk in your room? That’s a good start. Aim at de-cluttering the space and making room for your computer, books, or any other study material. While you are studying, make sure you have nothing in sight that’s not related to your exam prep.

If you don’t have a separate desk for yourself, dedicate a space for studying; make sure that it’s clutter-free, tidy, and free from every distraction. Remember, a crucial exam preparation tip during COVID-19 pandemic is to discipline yourself at home, considering you’re going to be spending significant time there.

Plan study time effectively

If you must take exams during the COVID-19 pandemic, it is advisable to plan study days and time. For instance, come up with a study guide and prioritise the topics that you think are more relevant to the exams. Separating chunks of study time will make you feel more confident and organised when you eventually arrive at the D-day.

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Tell family members you are studying

No matter you are studying for a definite period every day or separating blocks of hours over certain days, you must communicate this to other members in the family. That way, you should be able to avoid any interference and hopefully study effectively through the COVID-19 pandemic.

Drown out the ‘noise’

Noise is everywhere. The valet delivering groceries to your doorstep could ruin your concentration, and this is only one of the several unavoidable distractions that could come your way while you’re preparing for exams during the COVID-19 pandemic. How do you get out of this? For one, you can invest in a pair of quality headphones and tune into an Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response (ASMR) video on YouTube.

These are some of the best headphones at affordable rates.

There are, of course, other kinds of music that can help you concentrate as well. Try a lo-fi or synthwave track, and feel your focus hitting the roof in no time. The idea is to experiment with multiple genres and choose the one that fits you to the tee.

Rest assured, YouTube is replete with these videos and soundtracks that can cancel out the noise and create a calming ambience perfect for studying during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Make good use of the internet

A near-perfect tool for digital learning, the web is a fascinating place indeed. If you know what to search, there isn’t much that you cannot learn online.

If there’s something good that has come out of the COVID-19 pandemic, it has been the extra time in our hands. Take this time to research thoroughly, and that should help you with novel ideas relevant for your exam. Make sure you’re penning down the more important notes.

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It doesn’t end here. You can also check out these four online learning platforms that have taken digital learning by storm in 2020.

Reward yourself

You may be feeling better with these exam preparation tips during COVID-19 pandemic. Great!

But focusing on end can be challenging, particularly while you’re quarantining or following the restrictive stay-at-home directive in certain parts of the country.

So if you have focused well through the set study time, pat yourself on the back. Afford yourself the little pleasures of binge-watching your favourite show for an extra hour, indulging in a delicious dessert, or napping in the afternoon. Not only will this be a well-deserved break but should reinforce good study habits.

Lest we forget, a scrumptious, high-on-carb meal is a tempting reward, and there’s no harm in binging on that odd occasion. But don’t forget to take care of your health. Here are four easy home workouts that will help you maintain a healthy weight level and improve your immunity.

You can also check out our post on the tips to avoid weight gain during the COVID-19 pandemic.

In conclusion

When chalking your study plan, make sure you set realistic goals. If you wish to study four hours every day while juggling a full-time job, you may lose the motivation at the end of the day or even suffer a burnout. While you can always follow these essential tips to avoid a WFH burnout, you should ideally set goals you can achieve.

And finally, eat a balanced diet, drink plenty of water, and sleep well. Leading a healthy life will put you in a better place mentally and adequately prep you for exams during the COVID-19 pandemic.

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