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Experience of an Indian Student Studying Abroad

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Getting admitted to New York University (NYU) to pursue an MBA was indeed a dream come true for me.

My family always talked about sending me to an overseas university for higher business studies, but I always had my eyes on NYU, not only because of its popularity but also the population.

I’d heard a lot of rumours about the NYU students being quite open-minded (hipster, in their words), which so resonated with my values and lifestyle!

Throughout my life, I’ve been living in one of the posh areas in Andheri, Mumbai, but no! I was never a snob.

That’s maybe one of the key reasons behind getting along with the NYU crowd so well. Starting from being friends with the LGBT community to getting into various activities, I’d a gala time there.

Besides, I can never forget the parties that my classmates threw at every possible occasion, just like they show in the high school teen Hollywood flicks.

However, there were a few adverse experiences, which acted as quite a setback for my confidence. I suffered from clinical depression for as long as 7-8 months, longing to go back home and struggling hard to keep myself on track.

Based on the entire experience at NYU, I wish to jot a few important lessons that I learned about studying abroad, as follows:

My Experience as an Indian Student Studying Abroad:

Don’t go overboard with your emotions

It may all seem glitzy and glamorous at first, but pretty soon, you are going to get the real picture, which is, you’re in a first-world country, where it’s natural for the natives to look down on you.

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They may even call out to you at times, but you’ve to be patient and keep your goals in mind. Don’t get overwhelmed, or you are going to hit the floor hard.

You’ll be homesick; deal with it

When you’re going aboard for studying, you’ll feel excited at first, but after that adrenaline rush passes, you’ll feel lonely and homesick. No! Don’t let those feelings get inside your head.

Remember, no matter what you do in future, your present goal is to get your degree and derive maximum returns on the investment that you’ve made. Swallow that and work on enjoying your time abroad.

Don’t have to belong somewhere, always

If you feel that you don’t belong anywhere, don’t fret, but try to be independent. You’re here for a purpose, not to be the leader of any community, so focus on that.

You’ll have friends, Indians or non-Indians, but there’ll only a few with whom you’re going to be in touch for the rest of your life. Hence, it’s better to concentrate on your studies and getting that degree.

Stay away from drugs

You may feel the pressure of trying exciting new things, once you’re out of your parents’ jurisdiction, but DON’T. Avoid the people, who try to coax you into taking stuff like that.

It may be a cool thing for them, but when caught, they’ll get away easily, while you may end up ruining your life and career at a foreign country. So, STAY AWAY!

Avoid Washington Square in the night hours

The nightlife in NYC is quite appealing, true, but you should always stay away from Washington Square post-midnight if you wish to be safe.

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There’ve been several incidents of students getting mugged and some of them have even lost their lives. You don’t want to die so young, do you? Washington Square can wait.

Studying abroad is indeed an overwhelming emotion, but it’s important to maintain a balance in lifestyle and sense danger before it approaches.

You’ll be there on your own, so make sure you’re capable enough to fight the adversities and overcome the obstacles that are in the path to your dreams.

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