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Buying your first car is surely a memorable moment. I was very much excited about my first purchase, especially the warranties that came with it. It was not very long ago that I got my car repaired within the warranty itself. Once the original warranty expired, I got the idea of extending the same. Extended warranties are an extra layer of protection for your used car. If you have overlooked this idea in the past then you should reconsider it.

What are Extended Warranties?

While purchasing a car, you get a limited period warranty in relation to certain damages. The warranty is only valid for a period of one to three years. After the expiry of this period, you can get it extended to cover future car repairs. The nature of the extended warranties differs from plan to plan and the model of the car. The extended warranties are of two types – one which is provided by the manufacturer and another that is provided by the dealer.

Importance of Extended Warranties

Extended warranties are extremely important where a car has been used for more than three years. There are several benefits that I was able to avail because of my extended car warranty. Some of its important benefits being:

Future Protection

An Extended Car Warranty ensures effective car repair in case of a future breakdown. What all is covered under the warranty depends on the nature of the warranty itself. A warranty, providing comprehensive coverage is the best one. It usually provides coverage to important car parts like engines, transmission, crankshaft, gearbox and radiators. In the case of general wear and tear, you can take your car to a recognized service center.

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Improves resale value

After using a car for a couple of years people prefer to sell it. The demand for used cars is increasing in the market. However, the cost of a used car is usually low due to depreciation. Having an extended warranty increases the resale price of your vehicle. There are various extended warranties that can be transferred to the buyer of a used car.

Product satisfaction

With an extended warranty you can have one of the best automobile experience. In case of any damage or breakdown, you don’t need to rely on local mechanics. The parts used by them for replacement can be of sub-standard quality. However, with an extended warranty you can be assured about the associated repair services. In the case of manufacturing warranty, company certified engines are used for replacement. Most of the extended warranties often provide car servicing facilities.

Gives Immunity from Expensive Repairs

New cars are relatively less prone to requiring immediate repair after they are bought. The same does not apply to used cars; no matter how well-managed and serviced they were with their previous owner, they have to go through some degree of wear and tear. Thus, any used car will be prone to asking for more repairs and these can prove to be costly. Thus, if you can get an extended warranty on the major parts and equipment of the car from the seller, you will actually be buying yourself an ‘insurance’ policy. If you are buying from an organized outlet which sells used cars, you might get extended warranty as an add-on.

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With extended warranty providing premium level coverage to your used car, you don’t need to worry. Various companies are able to retain their customers via extended warranty schemes. Even today I am enjoying the benefits of my extended warranty. You can also do the same by availing the best warranty plan for your car. It makes car repair effective, easy and fast. It also comes with associated insurance benefits. In every circumstance, an extended warranty is a win-win.

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