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Garden Design Ideas to Spruce up Your Outdoor Space

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No matter if you’re seeking easy garden design concepts to give your outdoor space a makeover or more tailored suggestions, you can make the most of the following ideas and create a scheme, one that you will cherish for many years to come.

Garden Design Ideas

Shape Up Your Lawn

The lawn is the most prominent shape that you see when you look out of your garden. Should it be in a good shape, it can lend the garden the right look. It doesn’t have to be the typical rectangle — you can choose from other shapes like oval, oblong, circle or square.

Plan Your Plants

The most beautiful garden designs comprise structural plants, with the spaces between them filled with flowering plants. Evergreen shrubs, placed at the endpoints of the borders, can do the trick. You can also use them to punctuate the structural plants. In case the area is large, you can use evergreen shrubs like mahonia or the smaller ones like box balls.

For harmony, stick to specific varieties and arrange them in similar patterns.

Think Of Trees

Mature trees are an excellent place to start if you wish to create a scheme. They can not only cut out the sun’s glare during the summer months, but also serve as the perfect backdrop for a hammock or swing, pendant lights, shade sails, and other suspended decorations.

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Also, trees help to improve view that may be unappealing and block air and noise pollution should you reside near a busy street. More importantly, it is the ecosystem that benefits the most; trees provide shelter to the birds and insects help in the process of pollination.

Think Of The Paving

How defined – colour and style-wise – the paving of the garden is, can be a make-or-break factor when it comes to setting your garden’s design direction. For example, if you want a modern and sleek scheme, organised silver (or black) paving can form the right backdrop.

Attention to detail is the key here. That essentially means complementing the paving with your choice in plants. For example, intense shades like yellow, orange and red work well in tandem with silver and black concrete. Alternatively, pink, lavender and other mellow tones work well with golden paving.

The idea is to aim for that lucid flow from your property leading right up to the garden.

Is Your Garden On A Consistent Level?

Is your garden spread across the same level? If it isn’t, you can incorporate stone steps. However, if you aren’t a big fan of the idea, you can still achieve that consistency within the existing space by enabling a smooth flow.

If your garden is sloping and uneven, decking can be the perfect way to achieve a levelled space. Decking might also include steps, something that makes it a good fit for dining-related furniture as well. This brings us to:

Heed The Furniture

Consider foldable furniture for patios and smaller courtyards. Bench seating that can be neatly organised under a table can also work well. L-shaped sofas, while amazingly compact, have a luxurious feel to them. Alternatively, for larger spaces, go for extensive seating like matching tables, sofas and chairs.

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It is advisable to invest in solid garden furniture that would last for a long time. Make sure there is enough room for everybody to move around freely and sit comfortably. Also, it may not be possible for you to move the furniture indoors every monsoon. Therefore, it is also advised to buy good quality furniture covers that can help to protect the seating arrangements from untimely rusting and corrosion.

In conclusion

If you have a smaller space, boundary elements including fences and boundary walls may be the most apparent. Aim for smooth visual flow between them so that they look well-coordinated.

Tags: Garden, home, Nature

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