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26 Garden Design Ideas to Spruce up Your Outdoor Space

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A garden is an essential part of any house, which reflects how well-maintained the interiors will be. However, there are a few things that you must consider before giving your outdoor space a makeover.

No matter if you’re seeking easy garden design concepts to give your outdoor space a makeover or more tailored suggestions, you can make the most of the following ideas and create a scheme, one that you will cherish for many years to come.

Here Are Some Garden Design Ideas

Shape Up Your Lawn

The lawn is the most prominent shape that you see when you look out of your garden. Should it be in a good shape, it can lend the garden the right look. It doesn’t have to be the typical rectangle — you can choose from other shapes like oval, oblong, circle or square.

Plan Your Plants

The most beautiful garden designs comprise structural plants, with the spaces between them filled with flowering plants. Evergreen shrubs, placed at the endpoints of the borders, can do the trick. You can also use them to punctuate the structural plants. In case the area is large, you can use evergreen shrubs like mahonia or the smaller ones like box balls.

For harmony, stick to specific varieties and arrange them in similar patterns.

Think Of Trees

Mature trees are an excellent place to start if you wish to create a scheme. They can not only cut out the sun’s glare during the summer months, but also serve as the perfect backdrop for a hammock or swing, pendant lights, shade sails, and other suspended decorations.

Also, trees help to improve view that may be unappealing and block air and noise pollution should you reside near a busy street. More importantly, it is the ecosystem that benefits the most; trees provide shelter to the birds and insects help in the process of pollination.

Think Of The Paving

How defined – colour and style-wise – the paving of the garden is, can be a make-or-break factor when it comes to setting your garden’s design direction. For example, if you want a modern and sleek scheme, organized silver (or black) paving can form the right backdrop.

Attention to detail is the key here. That essentially means complementing the paving with your choice in plants. For example, intense shades like yellow, orange and red work well in tandem with silver and black concrete. Alternatively, pink, lavender and other mellow tones work well with golden paving.

The idea is to aim for that lucid flow from your property leading right up to the garden.

Is Your Garden On A Consistent Level?

Is your garden spread across the same level? If it isn’t, you can incorporate stone steps. However, if you aren’t a big fan of the idea, you can still achieve that consistency within the existing space by enabling a smooth flow.

If your garden is sloping and uneven, decking can be the perfect way to achieve a levelled space. Decking might also include steps, something that makes it a good fit for dining-related furniture as well. This brings us to:

Heed The Furniture

Consider foldable furniture for patios and smaller courtyards. Bench seating that can be neatly organized under a table can also work well. L-shaped sofas, while amazingly compact, have a luxurious feel to them. Alternatively, for larger spaces, go for extensive seating like matching tables, sofas and chairs.

It is advisable to invest in solid garden furniture that would last for a long time. Make sure there is enough room for everybody to move around freely and sit comfortably. Also, it may not be possible for you to move the furniture indoors every monsoon. Therefore, it is also advised to buy good quality furniture covers or maintain furniture that can help to protect the seating arrangements from untimely rusting and corrosion.

Add Fences along the Boundaries

For any garden, fences are one of the most attractive additions for a spectacular view. These act as a boundary between the outer area and your garden to make everything look neat. The fence doesn’t need to be in one particular color; therefore, you can try to make it more colorful by painting it with different shades. The pop of color will make your garden stand out in every way. 

Another thing that can be done to enhance your garden’s look via fences is growing climbers on them. The design of the fence depends on how you want the final outcome to be. A fence with an asymmetric pattern will give your house a modern look. On the other hand, you can add wooden slats in place of a fence. To make your borders more interesting, you can add pretty benches along the boundary. 

Water Fountains to Enhance the Look of a Garden

One of the best garden design ideas is the ornaments that we keep in the garden. These should blend well with the planting and make the empty space look occupied and beautiful. A water fountain is the most common garden ornament. The mere idea of water trickling down the fountain is enough for you to consider adding it to the garden. However, if your garden is small, it may make your space look cluttered. 

For those who have a small outdoor space, here is another wonderful idea for you – a stone trough. Now, this can turn your garden area into a vintage wonderland. Choose a trough that is antique and goes well with the surrounding. Add a few art pieces above it and make your garden look fancy.

Focus on the Lights

It is very important to make the atmosphere of your garden super comfy. Well, lightning plays an essential role here. Just how the light inside your house changes the interiors’ whole look and feel, light creates a magnificent ambiance outdoors as well. 

From string lights to standing lights, you can choose a variety of designs to brighten up your outdoor space. Another good thing about lights oriented garden design ideas is that you won’t have to put extra effort into decorating your house when you plan to host a party. 

Recycling old wine bottles to make lanterns is yet another way of bringing the character to the outdoor space. Not only It is super easy to make, but it is also economical. 

Vertical Plants for Small Garden

Plants are the key feature of any garden. Whether your plan to plant flowers or trees depends on your garden’s landscape and the available area. Homes that have a small and compact garden can easily utilize the vertical space near the wall or fences. Vertical planting can be done by keeping tall potted plants on edge and making the most of the space that is available. 

Besides that, flower baskets can also be the perfect addition to making sure you are surrounded by greenery. Having a small garden doesn’t mean that you cannot make the most of it. You can also keep a set of foldable tables and chairs and save as much space as you want. 

Invest in a Swimming Pool

How about a refreshing swim under the stars? Well, you won’t be able to resist! A small pool in your garden is one of the best garden design ideas that will take your breath away. Beautify its boundary with flower pots of different sizes and make it look like a retreat right inside your house. 

For extra luxury and comfort, add a seating area that goes well with the decor of your garden. It can be a combination of a comfy lounge and a couple of cushions. Enjoy a breezy summer evening in your mini garden pool, 

Outdoor Bar Seems like a Great Idea

Garden is probably the prettiest area to hang-out if only it is maintained properly. You must have gone through multiple garden design ideas; however, nothing beats a classic outdoor bar in an outdoor space. Yes, you heard it right. 

Making way for an outdoor bar in your garden will give you a chance to make your lying space look very chic. It gives you a chance to blend well with nature while you are enjoying a quiet time with your loved ones. The bar should blend well with the aesthetics of the garden. We suggest you add a couple of hanging flower pots and lights to give it a more tropical vibe. 

Hang a Hammock

Colorful hammocks aren’t only a thing for beach or camping. It is truly the most affordable and easy garden design ideas to spruce up the outdoor space. You may have a spare hammock at home sitting on some dusty shelf in your basement. Bring it to use and give your children a place they can hang out on (literally). It adds an extra seating space which can be utilized if you want to chill and read a book. Apart from that, your children will also remain entertained throughout the day. 

If you do not have a hammock at home, you can buy it online or from a local store and make use of your outdoor space. Make sure you select a color that matches the overall vibe of your garden. 

Add a Bird Feeder to the Garden

Make your garden or yard a safe place for birds with the help of a bird feeder. It is a charming garden ornament that will come to use throughout the year. These come in different designs and attract hungry birds that will add movement and life to your garden. 

Besides, you can also add more animal-friendly ideas like a pile of logs and a pond to attract other small animals. It will help you blend your outdoor space with the surroundings and give you a chance to tune into the sound of nature.

Make the Entrance Enticing

If you love beautiful entrances and get excited when you see one, this garden design idea is for you. Your garden entrance should be able to attract people the moment they lay their eyes on it. For the same reason, you need to make it a focal point of your outdoor space. Mentioned-below are some ways by which you can make your garden entrance more enticing. 

Add two large flower pots on either side of the entrance. These will give a warm and welcoming vibe to the guest, and they would ultimately want to see how well-maintained is your garden. Other than that, you can build an arch at the entrance of your garden and decorate it with climbers or other plants. 

Build a Living Wall

Living walls are becoming very popular when it comes to garden design ideas. It creates a dramatic ambiance in any outdoor space. However, you need to choose plants that can survive all year round. It is the finest way to embrace vertical planting and create more space in a cramped garden.  

There are several living wall plants to choose from and make sure your place looks are lively as you are. To fill in an area of a large wall, you have an option to invest in a living wall system. These are designed to grow healthy plants and mount on walls or other building structures. Consider mixing flowering shrubs and plants that can survive a variety of climates; it will give you a chance to enjoy this greenery all year round. 

Cover the Shed with Pretty Plants

A garden shed has its perks. You can store plenty of stuff throughout the year. However, if your garden is small, it may lead to your outdoor space looking very untidy. Well, here is how you can make it look more beautiful by giving your garden a green makeover. 

First off, paint the shed with a color of your choice. Then plant a flowering vine around it such as a rose or even a quick-growing climber. It will help turn your shed into a green cottage. In addition, you can also surround the shed with wooden fences and then decorate them with flower pots.

DIY Garden Shelves

If your garden doesn’t allow you to plant large trees and shrubs, don’t worry! You can add a couple of shelves in front of the wall and put potted plants to decorate the garden area. DIY garden shelves are the easiest to make; all you need is crates! 

With the help of sandpaper, smooth the surface of three unused crates. Place these crates on top of each other and use nails to secure them together. Using a varnish, coat the surfaces properly. Repeat the step for three more crates and place both the shelves adjacent to each other. Take small potted plants and keep them on the shelves. This is one of the best garden design ideas for compact gardens. 

Build a Tree House for the Kids

If you have a spacious garden area or backyard with a lot of plantations, a tree house will be a great idea to make your outdoor space look amazing. A tree house will work particularly well if you have kids in your family. It will be a perfect secret hideout that blends well with the surroundings. 

Wooden Walkway

You know how walkways made from concrete give a defined look to the garden right up to the entrance of your home. Similarly, walkways made from wood gives your outdoor space a very impressive look.

You can use unwanted wooden slats and pallets to build a walkway on your own. These add a character to the garden area and can be laid down to connect to different parts of a garden. It will spruce up the quietest corner of your garden in the most simple way. 

Utilize the Space for a Quality Time with Family

A cute little dining space in any outdoor space is an innovative yet utility driven garden design idea. Place two chairs around a table and make plans to have dinner with your partner here every now and then. Decorate the area with pretty lamps and colorful flowers and escape in the beauty of your surroundings while you enjoy a romantic dinner. 

You can also utilize this area to chill with your family. Get a mini projector and place it right in front of a screen in your garden. Your personalized movie theater is now ready! 

Plant Perennials

A perennial plant can live for more than two years. These plants are quite different from annuals and biennials. Perennials are usually shorter than trees and shrubs. Since these kinds of plants come back year after year, these are the best options if you are looking for a perfect way to expand the garden bed. The beds require very little maintenance since the plants keep filling the space on their own.

Apart from that, trees and shrubs are also another way to add more texture to your garden. Make sure you invest in young shrubs and trees since they are easy to plant and require less equipment. These also grow and fill the space, so you must plant them at a certain distance from each other. 

Add a Fire Pit

Adding a small fire pit to your outdoor space means that you can enjoy the calmness of your garden even when the stars are gleaming beautifully. If the weather isn’t that warm and you want to make your evening interesting, you can put a few wooden slats in your fire pit and enjoy a cozy evening with friends and family. 

Make sure you build it on a gravel or stone surface and put comfortable chairs and seating around it. If your garden is small, place a couple of mattresses around the fire pit and decorate them with pretty cushions and sheets. Add outdoor lights, and you are good to go!

Garden Pond Surrounded by Flowering Shrubs

An artificial pond is one of the most amazing garden design ideas that will change the whole look of your garden. Not only will you have a calm and relaxing spot for you and your family, but it will also add more to the aesthetics of your garden. 

Even the smallest outdoor spaces can be turned beautiful once you add a pond to your garden. Surround it with gravel and a couple of large boulders to make it look like a natural pond. Plant flowers like daffodils to beautify the whole area. 

Build a Gazebo

A small space to chill that adds more to the value of your garden is a win-win idea! Build a gazebo either in the center of your garden or towards the edge to make your outdoor space stand look exceptionally beautiful.

Add a few vintage chairs and tables to make the area look comfy. It can be the ideal spot for you to hang out whenever you want to feel more connected to nature. Even your friends will love this part of your house and prefer to relax here more than any other room. 

Keep Things Minimalist

Garden design ideas can surely make your place look extremely beautiful. However, the trick is to avoid overdoing. No matter what you add to your garden or outdoor space, it is essential to keep everything minimal. Instead of adding bright garden furniture, make sure the decor goes well with the tone of your garden. In addition, be mindful of the exterior of your house, while choosing the furniture. 

Any unnecessary addition to your garden may make it feel compact or cramped. This is even worse if the outdoor space is already very less. 

In conclusion

The phrase – don’t judge a book by its cover doesn’t apply here. It means that the outer space in your house determines how beautiful your house is from the inside. If your garden is messy and looks cluttered, it becomes an unpleasant view for any passerby. Therefore, choose from the above-mentioned garden design ideas and bring a pleasant vibe to your outdoor space.

What are the principles of garden design?

The principles of garden designs are the guidelines by which you can make a perfect outdoor space at home. These principles determine how a certain garden looks and feels. Here are the primary principles of design – simplicity, unity, emphasis, scale or proportion, balance, and sequence. There isn’t a specific order of these principles; however, once applied, they will improve the overall look of any landscape.

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How to make a garden in a small space?

Making a garden in a small space isn’t an easy task. However, with the below-mentioned tips, you will be able to achieve a perfect outdoor space even in a compact area. Measure the total space of the area. Make sure there is a water outlet. If not, get a watering can. Know what you want to grow in your garden. Keep the clutter inside. Build a vertical garden.

How to make a beautiful garden?

There isn’t any rocket science to gardening. However, with the right techniques, any garden can be made beautiful. Here are some garden design ideas you can turn your plain garden into a green retreat. Add colorful flowers and plants. Control the growth of weeds. Theme different areas with different colors. Add some walking space. Get garden ornaments and decorate the outdoor space. Use colorful flower pots. Declutter the unused area of your garden.

How do you start a garden for beginners?

If you are a beginner in gardening and are finding it difficult to start your journey, here is what you can do. Site the area correctly. You need to make sure the garden is set up in a place where there is optimum sunlight. Stay close to the water so that your plants get proper nourishment. Choose the right plants that match the growing condition in your area.

Does gardening really save money?

When you start gardening, you will realize that it can be expensive. However, this is nothing when compared to the growing costs of edible plants. You can easily produce your own vegetables and fruits right in your garden and save the headache of spending money in the market. Some vegetables, fruits, and herbs that can be grown in a garden to save money are – cucumbers, lettuces, tomatoes, basil, and parsley.

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