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Healthcare is a sensitive topic in modern lives. I had been closely following up with recent changes in the healthcare domain and the things which are rapidly evolving. One striking trend that I discovered is the growing dependence of healthcare packages by Indian families.

Of late, many families and individuals I talked to revealed that they avail the benefits of health packages at periodic intervals. I understand their concern regarding health. With increasingly sedentary lifestyles, demanding careers and eccentric eating habits, more and more individuals are wary of healthcare issues.

Also, I found out that awareness about health and fitness is on the rise but still most Indians are not physically active. So, a lot of people are moving towards preventive healthcare checkups.

We’ve all heard the magic mantra all our lives- Prevention is always better than cure. And today, Indians are also trying to prevent lifestyle diseases by exercising, getting regularly checked up, and eating healthy and superfood. Health packages are the best shot at preventive healthcare. Many Indians are subscribing to health packages to deal with future health problems.

Growing Demand for Preventive Healthcare Checkups

Before I focus on the specifics, let me give you a glimpse of what preventive healthcare is all about. Preventive healthcare aims at detecting diseases early to ensure the right course of action for treatment. An early diagnosis promises a better response to medicine and quick recovery. For example, diseases such as cancer can only be cured only at a preliminary stage. This is the main reason that healthcare packages are becoming more popular day by day.

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According to research, the preventive healthcare industry is poised to grow at a CAGR of 18% and touch a figure of $100 billion by 2022. The growth rate in this segment is beating even the fastest growing industries in India like consumer retail.

The major cause of this unprecedented growth journey of the segment is growing awareness about health and lifestyle management among Indians. According to industry reports, 130 million individuals will actively take preventive measures to live a healthy life in India by 2022.

So, we can all see how Indians are hooked to the concept of preventive healthcare. And this phenomenon is on the rise for the past decade. The major reason for the growth of health packages is the benefits one receives from availing such a package.

Here are some of the benefits I realized after I subscribed to one of the most popular preventive health packages in India:

  • A preventive healthcare checkup promises early detection that can save someone from the discomfort due to painful medical procedures.
  • Getting myself checked at regular intervals is more affordable than visiting a hospital in case of an emergency.
  • Preventive healthcare checkup offers me immunity from an escalation in medical expenses in the future.
  • Healthcare packages have prepared me for medical uncertainties in the future.

Apart from all these benefits, I can keep an eye on my health and wellness and take diligent steps to improve my health. After my first healthcare package report, I started jogging and eating healthy as I discovered I needed to work on my cholesterol levels. I believe such quantifiable motivation is what makes health packages so popular in India.

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Subscribing to a preventive healthcare package or getting yourself tested by an expert from time to time can save you a lot of time, effort and money in the future. Make sure to talk to your doctor and get medical advice to understand what kind of package your body needs.

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