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Infographic – Healthy Indian Sweet

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Sweets are calories. Sweets can cause diabetes. Sweets are bad for your health. These are all the conventions, right? Whenever you see your favorite piece of sweet making its way on a platter and you raise your hand to pick that perfect piece, someone has to point out any one of these three claims.

But sweets don’t have to be necessarily bad for your health. They can be good too. They can be desserts and still help you build your immunity, resistance, muscle and offer a general protection to your body.

Sounds intriguing? We are not joking.

There are several sweets in the Indian cuisine, where a little twist to their recipes can actually make them completely healthy. And on this infographic, we have handpicked just the right selections of Indian sweets.

So, if you have ever been denied your favourite desserts like kheer, ladoo and more because of some complications, show them this infographics. Tell them that healthy alternatives exist.

On this infographic, we have not only identified the sweets but featured the recipes and steps of how to make them at your home as well.

You have four recipes, which means one every week. Your month is sorted. Head to the infographic to see how you could make your favourite sweets.

Also share this with your friends and family and give them hope. 2020 needn’t be this bad after all.

Here’s to better days.

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