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All the time that you have between getting that school admission letter and getting that visa acceptance letter – is time filled with confusion and struggle. Most of us have to spend hours and hours on government websites, trying to understand the right procedure for the visa application. We all know how critically important it is for us to get a visa, and it may get a little bit into your head. If you’re lucky, you might have a friend or a relative who has been through the process and is ready to guide you. If you don’t, well, you’re pretty much by yourself. Except – there are agents and consultants available to help you out.

Now, one can ascertain with reasonable assurance that if you have got yourself into a revered university as an international student, you are a hardworking and intelligent person. That said – visa application is not the test of your brute intelligence. It is not even a test in the first place; it’s a simple process that should be linear if you know what you’re doing. Since you most probably don’t, you have to ask yourself – do I need an agent to help me with my visa application?

Instead of trying to explore every single scenario where you might need an agent or consultant on your side, here are a few scenarios where you definitely should have one:

  1. You are a frequent traveller to the country you are headed to.
  2. One of your parents has been through the process and can help you with it.
  3. You have someone from your university helping you out with the visa process, informally or formally.
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Unless you’re in one of these categories, you should go for a consultant. Here are a few reasons why it will make a ton of sense if you hire an agent/consultant:

Reasons To Hire An Agent

  1. The process is very lengthy and just understanding the types of visas and checking your eligibility for those, may take some time. Further, you are also supposed to identify which one will work for you.
  2. The consultants also help you streamline your paperwork and work with you on a schedule to accelerate your visa application.
  3. If there are some special provisions in your application or if your case needs something different, the visa consultant will help you tailor the application in order to meet the goal.
  4. Finally, visa consultants also disseminate a ton of useful and non-visa related information. For instance, you may get to know about student discount cards or possible part-time job opportunities.

In Conclusion

Getting a consultant is more a matter of steering away from uncertainty than it is of getting things done. Sure, you can do it by yourself, but at a small fee, you can have a career expert by your side to help you out.


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