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Life has become really simple because of all these smart devices around us. To tell the truth, I am hooked to technology and have a complete home automation system installed at my home. I love the ease and security I enjoy owing to the advanced features I receive.

Practically, I can control any aspect of my home- from bedroom lights to AC temperature, right from my mobile device owing to the remote connectivity. It has made it simple for me to keep an eye on my home even when I am travelling.

Love the benefits I enjoy with home automation

I first discovered home automation solution on a trip to Europe. The apartment I was staying in was connected via a smart network that was synced to my phone. This meant I enjoyed key-less entry and was able to control lights, temperature and appliances from my smartphone.

I loved the smart solution and came back to install the same at my home. When I first logged into the network, I realized how many devices I had in my home and an integrated system was required.

On top of everything, I had a top-notch security system that can imitate us being at home, even when we were outdoors. Automatic motion sensing lighting, bulbs that switched on and off based on sunlight were things I really loved.

The peculiar mistake that locked me out

But, as every coin has two sides, the smart home automation system had its own cons and I realized when I was accidentally locked out of home automation system.

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I knew it was my mistake to reset my mobile phone without taking a backup of all the applications. On top of it, I never saved or memorized my automation system’s login password. This led to a unique problem. I couldn’t log in to the system and due to that, I couldn’t reset the settings of each device in my smart network.

Though everything was automated- the lights switched on in the evening, the AC worked as intended, but the feeling of being locked out of home automation was frustrating. On top of it, I never thought of learning how to override the system, manually. So, I had to do something that I never thought I would.

The biggest advantage of a home automation system is the ability to self-service the system and customize it according to your home. Also, the privacy controls I had set was meant to secure things in my home.

But I had to now share all this with service executives whom I managed to contact with the help of a smart automation device manufacturer. They told me that they would bypass the lock-out situation, but I will have to reconfigure everything- every setting, every automation rule and every security control.

This meant weeks of work as I had practically made a unique home automation network where everything had a single goal – to minimize my electrical consumption and maximize security in my home. That’s something that took me weeks, if not months, to perfect. Without any backup of anything, it would take another couple of months. But I had no option.

Reluctantly, I agreed to the automation service team and I was given a new sign in password but everything felt amiss. I will have to do a lot of things before I can enjoy the real benefits of smart home automation again.

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So, before you start harnessing the advantages, make sure to take a proper backup of every setting and automation rule. Also, never stay too much dependent on technology tools to store your passwords. Always adopt the good-old classic practice of memorizing important passwords. That way you will not have to waste valuable time in re-configuring your home automation network.

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