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Having a home care attendant for helping you with your loved one is always better than taking care of someone on your own. Initially, when I employed a home care attendant, I was not very sure about how things would work out, but I am happy I was able to strike a chord. When I first handed over the reign of taking care of my aged father to our home care attendant, I was a bit reluctant.

I have never allowed anyone apart from my family members to take care of him since he has been bedridden. But slowly I understood how beneficial a home care attendant is for him. That was when I started taking proactive measures to build trust among me and the home care attendant. Here are some of the ways I managed to create a strong bond:

I started interacting with my home care attendant

Now that the home care attendant was a part of my life, I wanted to make him comfortable in my home. I wanted to give him a sense of association and belonging, so I started talking to him about his dreams, goals, family and aspirations.

Also, I sometimes shared my fears regarding my father and this way we were able to have common things to talk to. These interactions served as a fundamental pillar in the trust-building exercise. Slowly, he became comfortable at our home which made me relieved as he was now more compassionate towards the needs of my father.

I started believing in his advice and knowledge

When the first time my home care attendant advised me to start changing my father’s position every few hours, I was not very sure about it. I felt that it would cause discomfort to him as he has trouble moving all the time. But I still agreed.

And I found that this helped my father tremendously and the problem of bedsores reduced. So, from the next time, I started trusting in the abilities and knowledge of the attendant. This helped in the development of a mutual bond where I trusted his advice and he took care of my father’s needs. I slowly realized he is more capable of catering to the specific needs of my father than any of us in his family.

I made him understand what’s acceptable and what’s not

My biggest concern while hiring a home care attendant was how I should allow any unknown into my house. We have our own rules, traditions and customs and someone from the outside would not understand everything we believe and do. But I was wrong. It just took me a few days to make him understand how we do things at our house.

He was so attentive and quickly learned how we managed to keep everything in control. As he was trained enough to give proper care, he was more adaptive to a new environment like ours and soon did everything as I wanted. The knowledge sharing about house rules and duties paved the way for a long-term relationship.

Now it has been six months since he first stepped in our home to care for my father and I cannot thank my stars enough for taking this decision. All my apprehensions vapored off when I started trusting my home care attendant. So, I believe it’s just a matter of a few weeks and some honest efforts. That’s how you make a home care attendant a regular part of your life and start trusting them with the well being of your loved ones.


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