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I lived in a metro-city and for a large part of my life, I was not living with my grandparents. But, when I used to visit them in the holidays, one of the happiest moments of my stay there would be to get the medicines for my grandma. The moment I would give the pack of medicines to her, she would look at me with gratitude and pride, saying to me what a big man I had become!

Years later, when they shifted here to stay with us, things changed a bit. First of all – now I had a job. Even though I wanted to get them their medicines, it was not possible for me to drop things from my calendar and do it. This was when I thought about opting for home delivery of medicines. The first time I heard about it, I tossed it off as yet another technological gimmick. Soon, it started making sense.

After having become a regular customer to an online medicine delivery service, I think I owe it to the world, to explain its benefits. This is because I know, someone out there might be facing the same problem – a ton of love for his grandparents but not an equal amount of time in his schedule. So, here are a few reasons why you should definitely consider ordering medicines online:

Benefits of Home Delivery of Medicines for the Elderly

You will never face the ‘out of stock situation.

One of the biggest reasons why people are unable to get regular with their medicines is because it is not profitable for the pharmacy store near them. Think about it this way – if you want a medicine that is not commonly used by a lot of people, the drug store near you has no incentive to order it regularly. When you go online, you are not dependent on only one store to supply you with your needed medicines. Since there are more medicine vendors selling their products online, you will almost never run into a situation where the medicine you’re looking for is not available anywhere.

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You can make them more regular with their medicines.

My grandparents are seasoned players when it comes to the game of taking medicines; my father isn’t. So, when he got recommended his own list of medicines, it became difficult for him to keep track of things. Most of the time when I asked him whether he took his medicine, he would just tell me that he did not stack up. I simply got him an annual subscription service, that delivers his medicines on the same day, every month. Looking at how serious I was about his medicines, he himself got more regular with taking them!

You can be assured of the authenticity of the medicines. 

Most of the pharmacy stores in India are run by good people with very good intentions. That said, have you ever tried to inquire about the authenticity of medicine when buying it from a pharmacy store? Most of us believe that all medicines being sold by pharmacy stores are genuine. In reality, they are authentic most of the times but we don’t have any mechanism in place to check otherwise.

When you buy medicines online, the website has to conduct a thorough due diligence process with the medicine suppliers listed on its platform. Why? Because they are also a part of the transaction and hence have some burden of responsibility. While nothing can assure the absolute efficacy of a medicine, ordering medicines online gives you an extra layer of inspection that assures the authenticity of medicines.

In Conclusion

Now that my family and I are used to ordering medicines online, we cannot imagine the times when we didn’t even consider this option! I would strongly recommend you to buy medicines online – it saves time, money and efforts, that you can later spend on your loved ones!

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