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Home Design Inspiration: How Books Can Inspire To Create Perfect Room For Child?

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Books have inspired and fascinated me all my life. Right from childhood to now, I have read countless books, each with something new that I store in my memory. And I believe books are not only about stories but the imagination they ignite in our minds.

Being a book-person, I always dreamed of themed interiors for my home. So, when we were in the process of buying our new home, I decided that I would decorate each room based on a particular book theme. While accents from Nicholas Sparks books inspired our bedroom, I would like to share the story of how I created the perfect room for my daughter after a book series that both of us love. You might have also read these books at some point in life. I am talking about the amazing world of Dr. Seuss.

Dr. Seuss books are full of fun-loving characters that are suitable for a child’s room. So, after I asked my daughter if she would like a Dr. Seuss themed room, which she gleefully agreed, I was on the task to create a Dr. Seuss sanctuary in my daughter’s room.

Getting Started with my Dream Room Project

I knew the decision I made required a lot of consistent and continuous efforts. And more than my imagination and planning, I needed expert professionals who could help me realize my dream.

I had a bare room with me along with an idea to paint characters on the walls, install themed furniture and decorate the room with unique accents. But I was clueless about where to get started.

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I needed someone who could guide me in every aspect. But when I talked to local carpenters, painters and other home décor professionals, either they were unaware about Dr Seuss, or they were reluctant to take up the project.

The one person I found demanded high charges for execution which made me question my idea, altogether.

Finding a Verified Professional

I was sad for a few days when I devised a way to make my daughter’s dream a reality. If I wanted to create my dream interiors, I needed someone with skills, expertise and experience to bring my idea to life.

On further research, I found that if I manage to get hold of an experienced and verified professional for interiors, carpentry and paint, I can still achieve a lot.

The challenge here was that I couldn’t really trust anyone in my locality. So, I began searching for ways online. Though online directories and portals helped me, they didn’t provide a complete solution. Most of the platforms just connected to a local vendor having the same issues.

After a few weeks of search, I managed to find a really knowledgeable professional. The best part, he was a verified interior decorator having a strong online presence, raving reviews and a good team in place. I decided to hire him and trust me, that was the best decision I made.

He created a detailed renovation plan and suggested further steps. As he was an integrated decorator and contractor, he brought professionals on-board who were responsible for paint, woodwork, furnishing and finishing of the room. I just had to discuss my idea and he created a detailed digital model of how the room would look and a project timeline. The whole process was extremely comforting and satisfying.

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I moved to the online medium because there was no solution in the offline medium to solve my problem. If you also are planning something similar, I suggest you should start searching for verified professionals online for your household tasks or large-scale renovation projects.

Trust me; you’ll have a better experience engaging experienced professionals as they are skilled, diligent and concerned about work quality. I hope my experience will help you make an informed decision and you’ll also start planning your home décor and renovation on your own with complete confidence soon.

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