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When my mother was recovering after a paralysis attack, I felt so defeated because I couldn’t take care of her properly. With my routine duties- taking care of children and managing the household, I felt I am not paying enough attention to her. At that moment, I had a great realization- taking care of a patient is a time consuming and tiring job.

As my mother was still in the initial stages of recovery, she needed someone at her disposal, always. That’s when I realized I needed a full-time home help provider or a trained nurse at home to provide proper care to my mother.

I have seen many of my friends with deep concerns and apprehensions while giving their loved ones in the hands of nurses even in their own homes. But I didn’t feel the same. Because I knew there are more benefits to it than it seems. And that’s why I hired a home care nurse.

Reasons Why A Home Help Provider Is A Must Have

My homecare help provider helped me create a routine for my mother

The lady I hired to be a home help provider was extremely benevolent and kind. Not only she helped me with the medical needs of my mother but also created a daily routine for my mother. She made sure that my mother was well-groomed and conducted all her daily activities on time. This helped my mother stay calm and composed as she is a woman who hates not getting out of bed for the entire day.

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She helped me administering medications properly

My mother needed a routine dose of medicines at different times during the day. The home help provider ensured that all her medication needs are met on time. She not only kept a daily record of medicine intake but also guided me on how to administer common medication if she is not around. As she was alert round the clock, I could shed off my worries related to the medication schedule.

She helped me during times of emergency

I remember one incident during the early days when I was not around, and my mother suddenly choked herself on something. As she had a history of paralysis in the past, this was a serious problem. My home help provider contacted the doctor and coordinated in between to ensure she got the medical attention required. My doctor told me how it could have been fatal if she would not have called. I cannot thank my stars enough for hiring her that day.

She turned into my mother’s companion

One of my biggest concerns after my mother was bedridden was the loneliness she will have to fight. My mother had always been a social butterfly all her life. And suddenly being confined to a single room was horrible, when I thought of it. But the caregiver turned out to be a great companion who kept her engaged throughout the day. She would converse with her and tell her all the happenings around the house, which helped my mother stay contented and busy.

I could be a better daughter, mother, and wife with the help of my home help provider

When my mother was paralyzed, it was hard for me to juggle between different duties and responsibilities. As I found a caregiver, I was able to relieve myself of some of those responsibilities which gave me ample time to take care of my children and the entire household. Without her help, everything would have crumbled.

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My home caregiver made life simpler and also gave my mother the support she needed. That’s why I always recommend hiring a home caregiver to everyone who had a sick loved one at home. And many of my friends realize the benefits now they see me, and my mother contented in our respective lives.

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