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As a single working woman staying away from home, I am always worried about my safety. The worst part is that my concern for security is not only limited to when I am out at work or travelling but even when I am at home. The increasing reports of theft, burglary, and trespassing at houses in my area have made me worried.

As a preventive measure, I have installed CCTV cameras in my house. However, there are many security devices available these days that can drastically improve the security level of your home and make you feel safer. I have installed a couple of high-end security devices in my house as a preventive measure. I’m contemplating about adding a few more to create a security network in my house for comprehensive safety.

It is an issue that must not be ignored or compromised. As a single working woman in a new city away from home, it simply wasn’t an option for me.

Here are the few home security devices I have installed in my house currently –

List of Home Security Devices

CCTV Cameras

Though I have already installed CCTV cameras, I have installed hidden cameras as well. It is because anyone who breaks into my house with malicious intent would first destroy the visible CCTV cameras, but won’t be able to trace hidden cameras. The hidden cameras I have can detect motion and are activated as soon as its sensors notice any motion.

Ideal places for installing these cameras are behind one-sided glasses, corners of the house and even in the ceiling.

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Door and Window Alarm

I have installed a door and windows alarm too. It is because people in my neighborhood already know of my routine and are aware of the timings when I am not at the house. It is such information that burglars in India use to enter the house. With windows and door alarm, breaking into the house becomes difficult as it sounds a loud siren that alerts the neighbors and people in the area. Many advanced alarms even alert the homeowners with a text message too.

Motion Sensors

Motion sensors are helpful if you have a big home as thieves and burglars can break in from anywhere. If you have motion sensors installed in your house, it will become easier to trace any unusual motion or activity in a different part of the house. Even if you are not at home, the device can alert you through text or using its mobile application. People usually choose to install it in outdoor areas such as backyard and near entry and exit points. Motion sensors can also be configured to voice an alarm as per your instructions.

Barking Dog Alarm

As I stay alone, installing a barking dog alarm has provided me with a sigh of relief and a sense of company. It is a kind of security device that starts making ‘the barking dog’ sounds whenever it notices any unusual motion in the house where it is placed. It can be easily placed anywhere in the home. The dog barking sound continues to get more ferocious as it senses increasing motion. Burglars and trespassers wouldn’t want to confront a fierce dog on their way in and would eventually back away.

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Diversion Safe

I am always concerned about the valuables I keep in my home while away at work. It is a constant worry that I have finally been able to get rid of by using a diversion safe. Such safes look nothing life safes but more like the daily use objects like a soda can, wall clock, or any other item that wouldn’t appeal much to a burglar. Store your valuables and cash here as burglars wouldn’t suspect these items to carry any valuables. Keeping money and precious things in known places can be dangerous these days.

If this sounds a bit silly to you, you should store your valuables in a bank locker. I still feel relieved because I know the bank has better security.

In Conclusion

Prevention is better than cure, and taking these preventive measures has helped me get that much-needed peace of mind I was looking for. No more anxiety attacks in the middle of the night when I hear a noise from my kitchen or worry about the safety of my home and valuables when I am travelling or away at work. Use technology to your advantage by using these high-end home security devices that surprisingly doesn’t cost you a fortune. Think about the investment you make in these securities measures as an insurance policy that actively protects everything you value.

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