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When the weather begins to change, it implies that everyone is coming out of the phase of hibernation. This includes not only humans but also rodents, bugs and insects! I don’t know about you, but I hate the chemicals used for pest control. For me, the best measure to regulate pests is not to make it alluring for them to dwell in your home. I have extensively used various pesticides over the years, but they are usually toxic and that is the reason why I don’t prefer them anymore. So, here are some natural and non-toxic ways and preventions to control household insects and pests.

Household Pests Prevention Tips

Ensure that there is no excess water around

Humidity and moisture draw insects and pests of varied types. We require water daily, but so do the insects and pests. Even small amounts of water soaking from any appliance can draw wasps that are rummaging for water. Wood drowned in the water attracts termites. My house has a small garden right in front of it. . But instead of using pesticides, I always give top priority to the proper drainage of water.

Not cleaning dirty dishes on time can attract insects

If you are worried about pest control, put washing dishes on the top of your to-do list. Once I was out for the whole day and was too tired to wash my dishes after dinner. The next morning when I entered my kitchen, I was greeted to a horrible sight! Cockroaches were roaming around the kitchen sink and the trash cans. Hence, think twice about waiting until the morning to clean the dishes. Insects such as ants and cockroaches are highly attracted to leftover food on plates.

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Try lemongrass or citronella incense sticks

As I have a garden of my own, I grow lemongrass and mint right below the windows of my rooms. They act as natural deterrents and keep the influx of mosquitoes at bay. For those who don’t have a garden, you can try burning natural citronella incense sticks. They have a pleasant smell and doesn’t emit toxic gases.

Avoid spilling of food from trash bins or kitchen sinks

Spills are frequent- but even if a slight bit of untidiness is overdue, the bugs cannot resist. The spilt food items comprise of a complete meal for various pests like cockroaches. This is the reason that I ensure periodic clean-ups- including vacuuming in the confined areas of the kitchen. This can help make your kitchen less alluring to the pests.

The odour of rubbish may be repulsive to you, but for flies, it’s a wake-up call. Containing your garbage to confined spaces may help effectively solve this problem. Garbage control is a big problem in modern urban areas. This is the reason that I always ensure the trash bin is closed.

Keep your ceiling fan on to avoid flies in the room

Keeping those ceiling fans running during the summer can do more than keep your AC costs down- they can assist in preventing unwanted critters at bay. Fans make the air turbulent enough to discourage insects from hanging around too long.

Don’t keep sugar and sweets in the open

We can’t resist sugar and neither can our fellow pests. Sugary and fermenting liquids like wine and beer are the most attractive to many insects. Other species like wasps and ants will readily go for sweet substances. Again, keeping sweet products in sealed containers will go a long way toward keeping pests at bay.

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Key Takeaways

Prevention is always better than cure. Hence, avoid the mistakes and take care of the suggestions given above to make your home happy and healthy. Alternatively, you can opt for pest control services to inhibit pests from entering your home.

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