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How Can You Decorate Your Terrace Garden?

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With a rapidly growing population, the urban living spaces are getting more compact day by day. We all know that in city life, it’s tough to find a place which can provide a feel of fresh air and a natural environment. However, if you’re someone who loves gardening or wants to live amidst nature, the best you can do is maintain a terrace garden or balcony garden in your house.

Creating a green space not only adds to the aesthetic value of a house but also provides many therapeutic benefits. In this blog, we’ve listed some fabulous ideas that can help you decorate your terrace garden. Depending on your budget and the items you prefer in your garden, you can take cues from these ideas to provide your terrace garden with a pleasing touch.

Decorating your terrace garden is not necessarily expensive

A terrace garden can be a fond place to spend your evenings. It can leave a serene effect on your mind and calm you down. What’s more pleasing is the fact that creating and decorating a terrace garden is not necessarily too expensive.

Nowadays, many modern garden accessories are available in the market, using which you can turn your terrace into a beautiful garden without incurring too many costs and efforts.

Below are a few simple ideas to embellish your terrace garden:

1. Nice flooring is very important

Garden Flooring

It does not mean that you cannot create a rooftop garden on simple flooring, but a beautifully designed or artificially decorated flooring is eye-pleasing to have. You can use artificial grass carpet as your flooring. It will make your terrace look like a lawn.

Else, if you have a decent budget, you can use wooden tiles for your rooftop flooring. This will enhance the aesthetic appeal of your terrace garden.

You can also decorate your terrace garden with scrap wood. This will provide a rustic yet simple look to it. It will also help your terrace floor to stay clean.

2. Add some garden accessories

Garden Accessories

You can purchase and install some garden accessories to provide an enhanced look to your terrace garden. For example, you can install a shelf or hang flower boxes on the railings to get more spaces for plants. You can also try hanging decorative flower pots or baskets and use them to grow different herbs and flowers.

Purchase a vertical garden wall panel set and use it to grow plants with colourful flowers.

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You can also get other garden accessories from the market or use artistic things such as a statue, painting, lanterns or candlesticks, fountains, and beautiful pictures to decorate the walls of your terrace garden.

3. Pay attention to the lighting

Along with the daytime, you would also want to create some lovely memories in your terrace garden during the night. No place can be better than this to spend a romantic evening with your spouse or have some wonderful time with your kids before going to sleep.

Therefore, pay proper attention to the lighting of your terrace garden. You can use different types of hanging lights, lanterns, and string lights to provide that special effect to your rooftop garden during the night. You can also add tea light candles, which will provide you with a warm and cosy feeling while you’re sitting around it.

Also, it’s a better idea to select some plants that release scents during the night. This will create an aromatic environment that will have the ability to freshen up your mood within a few minutes. Additionally, you can place plants or flowers that are fluorescent in nature and hence, glow during the night.

4. Keep it colourful

Garden View

Bright colours enhance the aesthetic value of a garden by multiple times. More colours create a pleasing sensation in the eyes of the beholder and relax his/her mind. Hence, you should make your balcony or terrace garden as colourful as possible.

You can use colourful terrace garden pots to provide an eye-pleasing look to your rooftop garden. Try blending walls of your terrace by creating some tangible art on it or by using colourful decorative materials. You can also use contrasting markers to write quotes that can capture the attention of onlookers.

You can also place brightly coloured ottomans or chairs to further enhance the décor of your terrace garden. Furthermore, you can create a separate space in a corner and fill it with some really colourful and chirping birds to give that natural yet different look to your garden.

5. You can create a private oasis

Garden Furniture

It’s very easy to create a private oasis or a living space with all modern comforts in a corner of your terrace garden. You can place the plants in taller pots around a small table and a few chairs, which will keep your privacy intact. You can even put a miniature wooden bed or a sofa and this area will become an extension of your house.

In fact, you can use this private oasis to sleep amidst nature with your floor pillows and blanket to protect you from the cold. You can use this area to spend some wonderful time with your kids, spouse, friends, or pets.

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Moreover, this place can be your retreat where you can escape from your stressful lifestyle for a few hours. You can just lie down peacefully or read your favourite book while enjoying the warmth of nature.

6. Grow layered grass

This thing is more about personal choice. If you prefer, you can use an artificial grass rug or a carpet as mentioned before. However, having natural layered grass on the floor is a different thing altogether. But, remember this is not as easy as it seems.

You need to have muddy flooring on your rooftop where you can grow this grass. Then, you need to maintain the natural grass regularly. However, all these efforts are really worth as the lushness and green opulence that you will get in your garden will provide a farm-like feeling.

If you don’t want this set up in your entire terrace, you can select a dedicated area for growing layered grass. You can also have plants of varying heights which will provide a beautiful backyard to your garden.

7. Create a simple, tropical garden

If you don’t want too much mess in your rooftop garden, you can simply create a tropical garden using some pebbles, artificial flowers and grass, wooden planks, and a few potted plants. These elements will provide a natural look to your terrace garden while also adding a touch of rusticity to it. Moreover, it will be a lot easier for you to maintain such a garden.

Another simple thing you can do to decorate your terrace garden is growing some edible plants that can bear colourful fruits. For example, you can grow edible kale in wooden crates. These tiny herbs will not only provide a pleasing effect to your garden but will also help you in getting vegetables in the hour of need. You can grow these herbs in small terra cotta pots to make them look even more beautiful.

To Conclude

Though it can be a bit tough for some to maintain, a terrace or rooftop garden is a really pleasing thing to have in your house. While decorating your terrace garden, you should also pay attention to its functionality. For some, it can be only a place for a morning or evening time-pass while for some, it serves as an extended living space.

Additionally, your budget and other personal preferences should also play an important role. After all, it’s you who should decide whether to go with lots of greens or glamorise it with some vibrant colours all around.


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