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What was considered a taboo a few years ago is gradually coming under the limelight now. From the time when people considered talking about mental health embarrassing, we have evolved into a space where we realize there is nothing wrong in seeking help and talking about mental health.

This evolution is healthy and towards the right track. Just like our physical health, our mental health is also bound to break down and it is on us to give it equal importance and not just brush it under the carpet.

With the onset of the global pandemic, especially, we have been exposed to a lot of negativity. Changes were sudden, our plans were rattled, the future started becoming bleak, hope was slowly getting lost and more. But it is at this time that you and I should be considerate and cautious and take complete care of our mental health.

Apart from the pandemic, we are also being exposed to an infinite world through virtual mediums, which also constantly push us to validate ourselves and our abilities every minute. This is a toxic practice and the more we do, the worse it would get.

That’s why we felt it was inevitable to talk about the importance of mental health, especially during this time, and give you some tested recommendations on how you can deal with it.

We have come up with a comprehensive infographic that gives you effective ways to cope up and treat your mental health issues for a happier, anxiety-free and productive day. The best part is that we have offered different solutions to accommodate people from different walks of life – adults, pregnant ladies and children so we are all healthy collectively as humans.

Check it out and share this with your friends and family to ensure they are sane and healthy not just physically but mentally, too.

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