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Each year, about 1.6 billion phones are manufactured! Most disturbingly, we discard about 150 million phones per annum of which only about 15% is recycled. This creates a lot of e-waste.

E-waste has many repercussions and can create problems by entering into the groundwater. While the effects may not be apparent today, it is estimated that by 2050 the amount of e-waste will create irreversible problems. Thus, disposing of your old mobile phones in a greener way can go a long way. Since there is a paucity of awareness in this dimension, Here are some of the ways to dispose of old phones in an eco-friendly manner:

Ways to Dispose of Old Phones:

Donate your phone:

If your phone is in good condition, this is a very viable option for disposing of your phone without reselling or recycling it. This will ensure that someone else benefits from your act. It is also a good option since the phone with which you may have some emotional attachment will continue to be used by someone else.


You can easily get a good deal if you sell old mobile that is in a working condition. By doing this you can benefit financially and can stay assured that the phone is used again and is not merely wasted.

Alternative uses:

If your phone has some damage but is not completely useless, you will have options to alternatively use it. A full screen mobile can be used by your kids as a gaming device or it can be used to play music over Wi-Fi. You can also save money this way. Alternatively, you may decide to use it as a back-up. This will ensure that if any family member loses their phone, they have an alternative for a few days.

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Recycling programs:

Many phone companies like Apple offer their recycling program. These are often exchange programs where you can get a good deal on the new purchase. If you’re selling it to a reputed company, they often are adept in curing the defects and making the phone good as new and sell them as refurbished mobiles. Alternatively, they use the parts to make new phones. This reduces e-waste.

In Conclusion

These are a few easy and viable options that will help you “do your bit” for the environment. These are also financially viable and require little or no effort on your part. By doing this, you are contributing to the management of e-waste. Also, inspire others to take part in this initiative as greater participation will ensure greater results.

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