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How To Check Driving License Application Status Online

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So, you have passed the test and shown your driving skills to the invigilator and got approved. Kudos! Getting a driving license in India is nothing short of a feat that every 18-year-old kid dreams about.

Since you have already applied for the license, you must know that the legal age to drive a geared vehicle on the road is 18 years. Before that, you can drive a non-gear vehicle, but the operating procedure for that license is different. For now, we will focus on the Driving License that is still under process at the regional RTO and how to check your driving license application status.

Ever since the Indian government had initiated the Digital India program, a wide gamut of public services is done online. And that is an excellent thing for a developing nation like India. This online registration, status check and digitalization of your driving license documents is a part of this process.

Well, there are two ways to check driving license application status, offline and online. Doing it offline is time-consuming, and you need to visit the RTO with the receipt and ask the teller. However, checking the status online is easy, faster, and can be done without a sweat.

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When should you check the Driving License Status?

Under normal circumstances, a driving license takes approximately 45 days to complete processing and mailed to your address. Well, sometimes it might be late, just as we are all reeling under the impact of a pandemic, which has, no doubt, affected everything under the sky.

Your driving license should reach at the submitted address, but if not, that would be the right time to check the application status. Apart from unprecedented situations like the COVID-19 pandemic, there are a few other reasons for the delay.

On the whole, you can also check the driving license application status in case you have applied for license renewal, duplication, and international driving permit.

The Indian government has been facilitating full-scale computerization of more than 1000 RTO’s (if you are wondering, it is Road Transport Office) in the country. Since all these RTO’s are connected to the central government, any driving license is valid across the country.

For this, the Indian government has also launched SARATHI portal that is responsible for collecting the data submitted in all the RTOs and collating it together. This portal has helped set up a common standard operating procedure across all the RTOs, making it possible for you to check the driving license application status online.

Steps to check the Driving License application status

Majorly, the Parivahan and Sarathi portals are leveraged to receive, acknowledge, and provide information on the LMV and HMV licenses. However, you don’t need to pre-select an option to find out the information you need. Just keep your application number nearby as you will need it to proceed further.

Both the State and Central portals will have an updated status for your file, but we will be talking about the method to check it from the Center’s website, Parivahan.gov.in.

How to Check Your Driving License (DL) Status Online via Parivahan website?

#Step 1: Open the official website, Parivahan and hover your mouse on the tab “Online Services”. From the drop-down menu, click on “Driving License Related Services.”

Online License 1

#Step 2: This will take you to the Sarathi page, and here you must choose your State or the Union Territory of the registration. Once you have selected the State, another window will appear.

Online License 2

#Step 3: On the left side of this window, click on “Apply Online” and a drop-down list will appear. You will find “Application Status” in the middle of the list.

Online License 3

#Step 4: Click on it, and you will reach the driving license application status online window. Type in the Application Number as provided on the hard copy of your application. You might also find the same number on the application message received on your phone.

Online License Four

However, if you are not able to get results with this process, the chances are that there is something wrong with the payment.

On Parivahan, you can also check the payment status corresponding to your application. Follow this process to know about the payment and driving license application status.

#Step 1: Open the official website, Parivahan and hover your mouse on the tab “Online Services”. From the drop-down menu, click on “Driving License Related Services.”

Online License 1


#Step 2: This will take you to the Sarathi page, and here you must choose your State or the Union Territory of the registration. Once you have selected the State, another window will appear.

Online License 2


#Step 3: On the left sidebar, click on “Verify Pay Status”, and you will reach another page that will again ask you to enter the application number and birth date. Enter the Captcha and click on “Verify.”

Online License

Following this process, you will know the payment status of the driving license.

If you are still not able to find the application status, there might be some delay from the backend in the retrieval of the file. In any case, you will be able to know the driving license application status from any of these two options.

This is especially important if you have filled the application online through the same portal.

What to keep in mind while checking the Driving License (DL) Status Online?

From filling the online application to getting the license delivered, it will most probably take more than 45 days. So, if anything, you need to be patient and follow every step carefully. This is because if you provide wrong information by mistake, the process to change the details will further extend the procedure.

So, make sure that you jot down these Do’s and Don’ts while checking your driving license application status.


1. Always check the rules and regulations put forth by the respective RTOs, the central Parivahan portal and the Motor Vehicles Act, 1988. Sometimes the rules might be changed impromptu to address a gaping void in the system. So stay updated.

2. While filling in the application form and number to check the status double-check the number. As filling in the wrong number might lead to misinformation.

3. You will receive an e-confirmation of the application status and a receipt of the payment. Keep them safe on your device or you can also get a hard copy by printing them out. The Parivahan portal provides the option to download the application confirmation form in the hard copy format.

4. Before you apply for a permanent driver’s license, you must obtain a learner’s license and drive with it for at least one month. Also, while filling in the application form for a permanent license, you need to enter the details of learner’s license.


1. Do not let anyone else fill your application form or check the driving license application status. This may lead to the sharing of private information with an unknown person.

2. Always be extra cautious while filling out the application form or applying online for a driver’s license. Provisioning of wrong and misleading information can cause issues in the future.

3. Plus, once the application is filed, you cannot edit the details. You can only apply for a change in the details after the license is printed and dispatched. Although you can cancel the application midway through the process, in that case, you won’t receive the payment refund.

Here are some Interesting Facts about the Driving License Status

  • In India, the permanent driving license’s validity depends on the applicant’s age at the time of filling the form. For instance, if your age is less than 30 years, the license will be valid for 40 years. If you are between 30 to 50, the validity drops down to 10 years.
  • After the validity expires, you will have to go through the renewal process which can also be done from the Parivahan portal.
  • If you have ever wondered, the passing marks for the test given to get the license are 12. Anything less than this, you cannot reach the driving test stage.
  • Furthermore, do not take the driving test lightly. Even if you know how to drive the car, be extremely careful and vigilant while giving the test.
  • You can access your test sheet from the Parivahan portal from the Sarthi Page and know where you went wrong.


That’s all you need to know about checking the driving license application status online. Due to digitalization, the entire process of applying, submitting documents, and checking the status is a breeze. It won’t take more than 5 minutes to know your application’s status.

Do I pay any charges to check the DL?

Checking the driving license application status is free. All you need is access to the internet, your application number, enter the date of birth and hit submit. However, you will have to pay a fee while submitting the application for a permanent driver’s license and a learner’s license. There are various other forms of charges applicable, but the status check is free of charge.

What is the right time for me to check for my Driving License Application Status Online?

Since it takes around 45 days from the time you have passed the driving test until the moment you receive the license at your home address, you can check the status anytime in between. Added to this, if you have not received a confirmation of the application submission, payment confirmation, and slot book confirmation, then you can check the status beforehand.

How can I check my LMV license status?

The process to check the license status online is similar for both LMV and HMV registrations. You must go to the official RTO website or the central government’s website Parivahan, fill in the necessary details to get access to your information. LMV stands for Light Motor Vehicle, and everyone who upgrades from a learner’s license will mandatorily get the LMV license.

How do I find my DL number by name?

It is not possible to check the driving license application status with your name. This is because names can be a common feature between two or more than two people. That is why every applicant is given a unique application number that is to be used for all future correspondence.

How to check my driving license renewal status?

In case of a renewal license, you will be given a unique application number which can be used to check the status for the renewal license application. Once you have filled the application form online and passed the test (only required if one year has crossed after the validity expiration date), you will get an acknowledgement receipt with an application number.

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