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A rented house is your temporary location, but it’s still your home for the lease period! You can always create a space that reflects your personality. You need not stick to the landlord’s style. Besides, there may be a drab corner, mismanaged wiring or cracks in the wall in your rented home that may look unappealing. However, decorating your rented home can be challenging.

The first two questions that would come to your mind is: Do I have to buy expensive furniture to decorate my rented house? How can I decorate the home without losing my deposit or burning a hole in my wallet? Here are eight ways to decorate your rented home that can be achieved well within your budget.

Before getting started with the list, your primary concern should be your landlord’s consent. Check if your landlord is okay with changes to the home. Some landlords will approve repainting the house, while others wouldn’t want even a nail to be drilled on the wall. Meanwhile, check the annual home maintenance checklist. 

They would like you to leave home in its original style without any cosmetic changes. Hence, it’s always better to seek your landlord’s approval before making any changes to your rental home. Once you have the consent, you can check the following ways to decorate your rental space:

Wall Makeover

If your landlord approves, repaint the home with neutral shades, or you could also try wallpapers and wall murals for an instant makeover. You can also decorate your kitchen walls with stickers.

Another affordable way is to use washi tapes to create a design and decorate your wall. Pick a fabric or wall hanging to cover cracks or chipped off walls. Try hanging an intricately designed plate collection on your wall.

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Alternative to Wall Hangings

If you are not allowed to drill nails in the wall or use wallpaper, you can stick a creative wallpaper on a wooden panel and lean it against the wall. Similarly, you can also place large photo frames, mirrors, and artworks leaned against the wall.

Smart Buys in Furniture

Depending on your living space, invest in furniture that is functional and ensures enough room space. Look for storage solutions that can be hung on the door, thus not occupying your floor space. There are also some unique under-bed storage bins available in the market. Check the wooden furniture option. 

Always remember that the furniture you purchase should be easy to move once you vacate the home. If you do not want to invest and own furniture, check rental furniture options that allow you to decorate your home without the hassle of owning and transporting the furniture.

Accessory Selection

You don’t have to always invest in furniture. Many times, simple and well-placed home accessories are enough to immediately change the vibe. Dress up your windows with breezy sheer curtains, add a pop of colour with vibrant cushions and throws.

You can transform your bedroom by using bed linen with a striking design. Similarly, you could also stick to neutral shades for your sofas, curtains and cushions, and offset this tone with a patterned rug or carpet.

Personal Corner

Create a personal corner in your home where you can enjoy ‘me time and unwind after a hectic day at work. If you have a unique collection of vintage car miniature models, books or travel curios, use this space to showcase your treasure. You could also display some interesting artworks or your own artistic creations.

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Smart Lighting

No matter what furniture you buy or with what colour you paint your walls, your home interiors are incomplete without proper lighting.

Lighting can make or break your efforts to revamp your home. Ditch the white lights for creative fixtures and lamps with warm yellow light. If you are on a tight budget, opt for quick fixes such as a table or floor lamp.

Hardware Fix

Replace the old door handles and kitchen cabinet knobs with fancy knobs. Changing the bathroom accessories and kitchen faucets can also make a huge difference to your home interiors.

Take a look at the bathroom and kitchen cabinet doors, and see if you can improve their appearance with a paint touch-up or some stickers.

Green Space

Greenery with natural plants will always add a cosy and warm vibe to your house. If you have the luxury of an outdoor terrace at your rental place, you can grow your plants or herbs.

If you don’t have a balcony or an outdoor area, you can place small pots in your indoor space like your windowsill or your living room area.

In Conclusion

To sum it up, keep a detailed plan of how you would want to decorate your rental home. Do not immediately purchase furniture and accessories. Check if any of these home décor items can be picked up from a second-hand store, a furniture rental service or if you could make it yourself.

Find out your budget for these expenses. Later, ask your landlord’s consent for the makeover plans and get started to making your rented place a cosy home.

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