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Some things in life are bound to happen. It’s only a matter of time when they do. No, we’re not talking about life events but the very act of your smartphone falling into water.

You see, it happens. It’s just inevitable. Either it falls off your hands or someone just involuntarily just ram into you, making it fall. A water-damaged smartphone is the worst. When water seeps into the device, it affects a lot of aspects of your device’s functionality, including its primary circuitry.

As we carry part of ourselves on our phone through our confidential data and information, losing a phone without having backup of all our data is painful. However, to help you avoid going through such a torment, we have listed five tried and tested procedures to quickly fix your phone that has fallen into water.

These are simple steps you could do immediately after pulling your device out of water. From wiping your screen dry and keeping its parts under the sun to placing them in rice and more, the solutions are simple and completely doable.

So, head to the infographic below to find out the other three ways you could fix your smartphone from water damage. And if you lose your data in the process, don’t worry.

We have you covered here as well. Another infographic of ours tells you exactly how you could recover lost data in your Android smartphone.

Check it out, too.

Share this infographic with your friends and family as this could happen to anyone you know. Help them get their phone and data back.

Stay safe.

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