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We are one click away from getting tricked. It happens to the best of us. The pursuit of excellence sometimes deviates us from thinking and taking a rational decision. However, this post is here to help you take one.

This credible infographic is here to shed light on one of the most plaguing concerns brought in by the internet – email scams. This is to reflect for a moment and keep unnecessary consequences like identity thefts, IT losses, virus attacks and more away.

So, if you get confused when differentiating between a legit email and a fraudulent one, here are some effective tips that would help.

Check The Domain

If an email represents an organization, it generally comes from the domain name that carries the name of that organization. Generic email addresses ending with @gmail or @yahoo won’t be legit emails from organizations. If you receive an organizational email from these IDs, consider them to be scams.

Bad Language

By bad language, we mean a message that is poorly formatted, has weird font colors and has bad grammar and spelling errors. Emails from authentic sources have well-written content that are sophisticated and serves their purpose.


No organization will send an email attachment and ask you to download it. They would only redirect you to their website and download it manually from there. If your email has an attachment, it could be a viral trigger or malware and you need to be cautious.


Today’s businesses are taking personalization to a whole new level. If you receive an email with a generic salutation, consider it’s fake.

Immediate Action Required

Scam emails would push you to act now and take a targeted decision while organizations will ask you to act according to your convenience. Any email that has a sense of urgency is most likely to be a fraudulent one.

We are responsible for our actions and consequences online. And because it’s difficult to track the sources of such emails, the only alternate solution is to be more careful. Follow these tips before you click on any such email.

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