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How To Secure Your New Home : 9 Simple Ways

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Looking for ways to burglar-proof your home? We will help you with it, and the best thing is that you need not spend a fortune on securing your new house. Follow these simple ways to secure your new home.

From replacing the old locks to revamping the home security devices and even getting a fake dog, we have prepared a list of smart and innovative ways to shield your home from any unprecedented events.

You must have already installed a state of the art security system, and it must be having everything you need. What if we tell you that there are some others that burglars can attack and we have the antidote for all these tactics. Let’s find them out one by one.

Here are Some Easy Ways To Secure Your Home

1. Reinforce the Doors

The first medium anyone will try to break in are the doors, then comes windows (more about them later). Get the doors inspected to ensure that the door frames are sturdy, and all the hinges are intact. Plus, some doors might have a mail slot, it is best to seal it so that no one can reach the lock through them.

Secured Door

The same goes for the kitty passes, don’t leave any scope for the strangers to even get a peek inside the house via the doors. Added to this, a couple of more simple ways to secure your new home is adding a deadbolt and strike plate to the doors.

2. Secure the Windows

Besides reinforcing the door’s security, you might also need to strengthen the house’s windows. A window’s weak point is the latch and anybody who wants to break in will try to learn how to bypass the latch lock.

Window Lock

Latches become obsolete quickly, so make it a habit of replacing them from time to time. Installing glass break sensors and semi-opening windows is mandatory for every house, new or old. Lastly, adding a window security film on the windows will ensure that they won’t fall down in pieces even when shattered.

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3. Get Sensor Lights

Motion detector lights are a great way to alarm you and deter any trespassers on the property. These are bright LED lights with higher luminance and broader swath, which ensures that any trespasser is immediately recognized. Furthermore, if you are looking for some environmentally friendly options, buy the lights that run on solar power.

Light sensor

4. Scheduled Lights

Confused by how scheduled lighting is one of the simple ways to secure your new home? Well, here’s how. Burglars often keep an eye out for the target houses, and they are always waiting for a motive to try and a break-in. And they might get their chance when you have gone out on vacation.

In this case, scheduling the lights to turn on and off at the standard hours that conform with your daily schedule will give them the impression that somebody is home.

5. Scout the Weaknesses

You know how they say that prevention is better than cure. In this case, you need to take action and scout the entire perimeter of your house to find any weak links in the security. This can be anything from a damaged fence to an unlatched window or even a camera facing the other direction.

Home Watch

6. WiFi Security

Not only physical security, but you also have to secure the virtual entry into your house. All the wireless systems and virtual networks that help almost every smart device in your house are a gateway for hackers to acquire personal financial information. Buy Cyber Insurance for any adverse situation.

Wifi Security

7. Locks that can’t be Cut

Standard locks have a longer shackle that is exposed. This means that they can be cut with a bolt cutter, and more often than not, the thieves will try to cut the locks in place of picking them because it saves time.

To prevent this from happening, buy locks with a thicker shackle and leave no area for the burglar to find a spot to cut them. Yes, this is one of the most cost-effective and another one of the simple ways to secure your new home. Plus, some locks resist the bolt cutters altogether.

8. Security Cameras

Security cameras are, by far, one of the most proactive approaches to protect your home. They deter the thieves and also help the law enforcement agencies if the unthinkable has happened.

For best results, get cameras equipped with motion detectors, night vision, and store the data on the cloud. Lastly, use weatherproof shields for the cameras.

9. Hide the Keys

If you haven’t yet installed the next-gen digital locks in your new houses, you must be carrying a key. But, hiding the key under the doormat, under the flower pot or even above the transom won’t do. These are old age tricks, and almost everybody knows them.

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Either find innovative ways to hide the key outside or befriend a neighbor who is always home and will keep your keys. But chances are you won’t get good neighbors everywhere you go. Thus, be prepared.


Living in a new home can be a bit overwhelming for everyone. However, it is not obligatory to follow every single of these simple ways to secure your new home instantly. Take your time, settle in your new home and then follow them step by step.

Plus, you must also prioritize according to the need. Ask your neighbors what kind of security measures they have put up, this will give you an idea.

How do I secure my Home Network?

When shifting to a new home, installing the most secure and robust Wifi network is the key. After setting it up, change the SSID name and password, enable WPA2 encryption, and also toggle off the network broadcasting. Lastly, always work with the latest firewall.

How can I make my house theft-proof?

There are several simple ways to secure your new home. Start by reinforcing the doors with new locks, ensure proper lighting of the landscape, install motion sensor cameras and lights. Added to this, secure the garage and keep the windows covered at all times.

How can I make my front door more secure?

Front doors need to be strengthened with strong and break-free hinges plus robust door frames. Added to this, adding a strike plate lock as it acts as an anchor point for the deadbolt. Lastly, consider adding a horizontal security bar for better protection.

Can a Home Network be Hacked?

Yes, the home network can be hacked with DNS hijacking. Getting unauthorized access to your home network may risk losing loads of personal data. Once they get a hold of the home network, the hackers can redirect your web activity to go through a website that will steal your credit card information and other credentials without you knowing.

What is better for exterior doors, fiberglass, or steel?

Steel exterior doors are stronger, robust, and provide better protection than fiberglass. The reason being the steel doors are thicker and provide better protection. Further, unlike other door materials, steel has a more robust frame and won’t break like wood or fiberglass.

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