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How to Self Sanitised Your Car

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It’s been more than 120 days since the onset of the contagious disease. With Covid-19 rattling the plans and livelihood of millions of people around the world, it is on us as individuals to do whatever we could prevent ourselves from contracting the disease and spreading it to other people.

With asymptomatic cases on the rise, it is creating a new fear where you could be having Covid-19 virus in you but not show any symptoms of it. So, when you step outside or asymptomatic people step outside and interact with you, there is no way you could tell any difference.

That’s why maintaining social distance, staying indoors to maximum extents and practicing good hygiene are all inevitable measures you and I could take. This is the new normal we should all respect until a vaccine is discovered.

To help you stay safer, we have come up with an infographic that will tell you 5 effective ways to self-sanitize your car to reduce the risk of coronavirus. This is helpful if you ever stepped outside or have other people apart from your family step into your car for a ride.

Your car is one of the most prominent hotspots for the thriving of the virus. There are areas where you can’t reach out for cleaning or are aspects you cannot clean by yourself. However, with the information in the infographics, you will be able to take all the necessary steps to sanitize your car against the virus without having to visit any servicing centre at this point of time.

Check out the infographic and share it with everyone in your circle who owns a car. We can fight this together.

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