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Two years back, my best friend told me that he was planning to change his car. The reason he cited was that his car was giving a very low mileage. He was fed up by the increase in his expenses on the car. I asked him to wait for a month and try changing the way he handles his car. At first, he hesitated but later he agreed to it. I gave him some tips which I knew would increase his car’s mileage significantly.

Here are tips for Increase car fuel efficiency

Drive car with optimum tire pressure

I explained to him how low tire pressure results in more contact with the ground. Due to this higher friction occurs, which decreases the fuel efficiency of the vehicle. He smiled and told me that he didn’t even remember when was the last time he checked for the tire pressure in his car!

Keep the car lighter

He was fond of carpentry, and so he always kept a heavy toolbox in his car’s trunk. I asked him to carry this box only when needed. I also told him to remove all the unwanted stuff from his car.

I explained to him that the engine requires more power to pull more weight. So, the lighter the load it has to carry, the better it is for the car’s fuel efficiency. He respected science more than anything else, so he immediately agreed to follow this tip.

Drive car with closed windows

I told him that as per the basic laws of aerodynamics, open windows result in high fuel consumption if you’re driving near the top speed. He agreed to this as well.

Use the accelerator and brake diligently

I knew he was a rash driver at times. I suggested that he should drive in the ‘economic’ speed range of his car. Most cars have speed dials clearly suggesting this range. Driving at this speed makes handling the car a much easier task. The efficient handling of a vehicle not only saves fuel but also leads to a safe road for others. Though it took some time, he finally understood the benefits.

Focus on the gear

When we accelerate at lower gears, there is massive pressure on the engine. So, it is always better to shift to higher gears before the engine starts knocking. My friend told me that he already takes care of this and shifts the gears appropriately. I was happy to know this and asked him to keep doing the same for the next month.

Go for air and oil filter cleaning

When the filters are dirty, the fuel efficiency is bound to go down. I told my friend that he should go for cleaning filters as he was already facing fuel efficiency issues in his car.

Finally, I pointed to something more of a behavioral problem than a car’s problem.

I told my friend that I had noticed him wasting fuel. He immediately understood that I was talking about him waiting to pick up his friends while keeping the engine on. I told him that since we were talking about increasing the car’s mileage, it was essential to improve on this aspect too. He said that he would follow this as well.

In Conclusion

My friend followed the above tips for one month. As expected, his car’s fuel efficiency improved way beyond his expectations. Since then, he has been happily driving the same car. Like my friend, you can also benefit from the above tips and make your car fuel-efficient.

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