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The pursuit of excellence is innate in us but in our country, especially, this is a little more. We strive for academic excellence right from our elementary levels and this goes on until some of us get that Doctorate degree.

It is this same pursuit that makes some of us head to a different continent or country to pursue education and specialize in a niche or domain that best interests us. Over decades, we have been visiting foreign countries for education purposes and on this infographic, we have collected data from the last decade and represented visually as an infographic.

Check it out.

The Top Destination For Studies


Canada has been one of the top priorities for us when it comes to studying abroad. In the year 2018, 107,650 students went to Canada to study, bringing the growth rate to 50.76%.


42,694 students preferred the US to study, taking the growth rate to 20.13%.


At number three, the island-country witnessed an influx of 34,334 Indian students in its universities bringing the growth rate to 16.19%.

The UK

Close to 19,505 students opted for a degree in the UK, contributing to a growth rate of 9.20%.

New Zealand

The land of the Kiwis saw 7883 students taking up a stream of study, taking the growth rate to 3.72%.

Top Courses

Business Management remains the most prominent course taken up by Indian students in these five countries. Some of the other prominent courses include

  • Engineering
  • Hospitality
  • Maths and computer sciences
  • Social sciences
  • Life sciences
  • And biotechnology

Head to the infographics to learn more about the top reasons why Indians students preferred foreign universities and the expenses involved in each country.

Share this with people who are looking to study abroad in your circle and help them get a starting point of how to go about this.

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