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Infant baby care: Tips To Prevent Your Baby From Catching Flu

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I looked up to my mom my entire life. Yes, my dad was also there to support and protect us but my mom did it with an inspiring degree of poise and grace. I knew at a very young age that someday when I become a mother, I would like to recreate what she did for us.

So, when I eventually became a mother a couple of years ago, my excitement saw no bounds! My husband and I were over cloud nine. We promised each other that beyond our vows of marriage, we will add one more vow to our lives – no matter what, we will protect this new life that had entered our journey.

During my pregnancy, I read every book out there on parenting. Went through a series of blogs. Attended a ton of workshops. And when I was ready, I promised that I will do everything I can to protect my baby from flu and every single disease out there.Here are a few newborn baby care tips that might help you do the same for your child:

Tips To Prevent Infant Baby From Catching Flu

Make a note of all the necessary vaccinations.

It is difficult to remember the exact time your child is supposed to take up the vaccines. When the child is born, the doctors will give you a chart entailing all the vaccines and their prospective dates. Take a photo of this chart and keep a copy near your everyday objects. I actually saved it as my desktop wallpaper and kept editing it, as we got done with each of the vaccines. A newly born child’s immune system needs the required boosts to fight against bacteria. Vaccines provide that very boost.

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As a matter of fact, babies under 6-months don’t need a flu vaccine. The flu vaccination is recommended only after the baby turns 6-months old and it becomes an annual procedure. That said and done, consult your doctor before taking any decision.

Change your lifestyle to make hygiene the centre of everything.

As a newly-wed couple, you will have a very good time both socially and personally. You will frequently eat out, go for parties and even call friends over. All of that changes the very moment you get to know about your pregnancy. Now, everything has to come down to your own health, the health of your child and hygiene in the house.

My husband and I baby-proofed the entire house, even before our kid could walk. Over and above that, we looked at each room and each activity that the members of the family were doing in each of these rooms and added a layer of sanitation to all of it. Everywhere I take my child, I carry a medically prescribed sanitizer. At night, I make sure his cradle is covered with net. I ensure the windows are closed for most parts of the day and the temperature is always under control. We use only lukewarm water to wash him and his hands. One more thing – his clothes are kept in a different case of the cupboard and are washed separately, ironed separately and even folded separately.

Try to keep the kid away from strangers and refrain from kissing the child often.

I am not against kissing your child. They are irresistible cute little angels! I couldn’t stop myself from kissing my child a gazillion times a day. But, soon I got to know that this was making him all the more vulnerable towards getting flu. I immediately stopped and so should you.

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At the end of it all – your kid will still get flu. Don’t panic.

After turning two, our child did catch the flu. Initially, I panicked and called the doctor in the middle of the night. She was very patient with our anxiety. She prescribed us the medicines and explained that it is perfectly normal for a child to catch flu. After all at some point in time, a child will catch flu. Instead of panicking, just consult your doctor and take extra care of medicines and hygiene in the house.

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