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Integrated Utility Appliances: A Boon For Compact Homes

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The cost of real estate properties in India is on the rise. This has compelled several families to opt for smaller homes. However, the scarcity of space has also given birth to integrated designs for cupboards, kitchen furniture, and electronic appliances. However, not many people know about this.

Take the case with Aman’s friend Pankaj who dropped into his new house that he had purchased and furnished very recently. On seeing Pankaj at his doorstep, Aman was filled with joy. He graciously showed his new abode to his friend.

After looking at everything, the two sat down on the armchairs placed in the living room. It was clear to Aman that even though Pankaj was praising his apartment, something was bothering him. Aman asked Pankaj about his suspicion who hesitated at first, but later confessed that the apartment looked quite sparsely furnished. He asked the whereabouts of electronic appliances such as refrigerators and oven etc. which are necessary in a house.

Hearing this, Aman gave a bright smile to his friend while Pankaj wore a confused look on his face. With a tap on Pankaj’s knee, Aman then asked his friend to come to the kitchen with him. Pankaj followed him quietly, still unsure of what’s happening. Inside the kitchen, Pankaj could only see walls. However, he was in for a shock as Aman suddenly pulled out a door from the middle of the wall to reveal a refrigerator stored inside a closed space.

As his friend stood there in disbelief, Aman told him that he had opted for integrated utility appliances in his entire apartment so that he would never feel a dearth of space in his house. He pulled out yet another door, and then another, revealing a microwave oven, dishwasher, multiple racks and cabinets for cutlery, plates, dishes, bowls and glasses.

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Looking at the sink in the kitchen, Pankaj was intrigued; he asked his friend why the faucet looked so unusual! Aman showed him that the head of the faucet, while fixed, was equipped to be able to turn when the user needed. Pankaj asked how a turning faucet could possibly be useful. Aman pulled Pankaj’s gaze towards the basin of the sink. Pankaj saw the basin was divided into two parts; one part was meant for rinsing fruits and vegetables while another part was for cleaning utensils.

Pankaj was thoroughly entertained by this miraculous display of efficient use of space. Excited like a kid, he asked if Aman had purchased a washing machine too and where had he kept his clothes. Aman, then, took him to his bedroom and again, like a magician, pulled out a drawer from the wall that held all of his formalwear. Then, he opened a small door leading into another space where Aman had kept all his casualwear – the clothes that he wears on daily basis.

After this, Aman guided his friend to the balcony of his apartment. In one dedicated corner, the washing machine sat in all its glory. Pankaj exclaimed that the washing machine was not as entertaining as the kitchen cabinets. Aman smiled and pulled out yet another drawer from the wall right above the washing machine. In that little space, Aman had kept the detergent required for washing his clothes, a measuring cup and a pair of rubber gloves.

Pankaj couldn’t resist clapping in joy this time. He told Aman that he is also planning to purchase a house in the next year or so, and he actually loved the idea of having integrated utility appliances. Aman assured him of all help from his side before they both went to the kitchen to get some hot coffee ready.

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