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Diabetes is the most common disease worldwide. Every year deaths due to diabetes are increasing. A recent survey showed that India had more diabetics than any other country in the world.

Diabetes is becoming the gateway to other diseases too. That means, if you are diagnosed with diabetes, there is more chance that you might developing other diseases and metabolic disorders.A few days back, on the occasion of World Diabetes Day, a charitable organization conducted a free diabetes awareness program in our office. They also held a free sugar checkup camp.

I had never been diagnosed with diabetes before or visited the doctor for that purpose. Out of curiosity and because of the diabetes awareness program, I got my sugar test done.Imagine my surprise when my random blood sugar test showed high than normal levels and I was told that I had diabetes, too. As it was a random test there was no need of overnight fasting before the test.

When the doctor suspects you have diabetes but does not want to wait until you fast, this test is done as it is a very quick method of diagnosing diabetes.

Ways to Interpret Blood Glucose Test Results

When I got my blood glucose test results, I was upset and slight stressed. I thought of taking a second opinion from my physician, as I was perfectly alright before and was experiencing no other symptoms and discomfort.I showed my random blood sugar test to my doctor and told him about the diabetes awareness program. The doctor read the report and advised me to get blood sugar test fasting and after meal tests done.

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I did the entire test at the pathology lab and found that my fasting and post-prandial sugar levels were slightly higher than normal. I read the report and saw that my sugar levels were falling under the pre-diabetic range mentioned in the report.

Labs usually write reference ranges in three different categories like normal, pre-diabetic and diabetic range.

When I went back to my doctor with the new lab report, he told me that I have diabetes as my sugar values are in the pre-diabetic range. The doctor also prescribed medicines to take regularly before meal without fail.He told me to do regular exercise like yoga, to follow some diet restrictions and advised me to get regular follow up checkups. After every three months I have to get the glycated hemoglobin test (HbA1c) done to know the efficiency of my treatment.

The glycated hemoglobin test (HbA1c) tells you how well your sugar levels are being controlled with medicines. This test provides an average value of your sugar levels over the past three months and there is no need of overnight fasting for this test.

My doctor also told me to take care of my feet and avoid injuries as there is delayed wound healing in diabetes. Early diagnosis of diabetes is always a good thing to avoid more severe complications.If you are diagnosed with pre-diabetes, small changes in lifestyle and weight loss can prevent you from developing type II diabetes.

Type I diabetes usually shows up in children and young adults as it is associated with familial history. Another variety of diabetes is gestational diabetes that develops during pregnancy. That’s why regular heath checkups are mandatory.

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