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Keep Child Safe From Unauthorised Sites

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The internet is like a maze. It’s easy to get in and easier to get lost in it. No matter how much fun it appears to explore superficially, you never know what you might end up in. From phishing websites to the chances of getting malware downloaded on your system, it’s difficult to predict where your next click may take you to.

If this is for adults, imagine for kids. With their innate naivety, something dark hidden behind a glittery screen could easily lure them into a rabbit hole. And with the amount of exposure kids have today, the chances of getting deviated is way too high.

Having an eye on their content consumption and site visits is crucial as there are bizarre things going on the rounds today. From weird challenges to virtual bullying, kids are subjected to a lot these days.

So, as parents, it is on us to foster a safe, hygienic and productive virtual environment for kids. And thankfully, there are a lot of tools and techniques to implement this. If television was a concern for our parents in our time, it is the internet today for our next generation.

To help you set up a neat online session for your kid, we have curated a few proven techniques and presented them as an infographic below. This should not only give you an idea of what they are but help you immediately implement them as well.

All these don’t require specific technical knowledge and are as simple as modifying system settings.

There are five techniques presented out of which trust remains one of the most crucial ones. Trust between you and your kid always stays at the fulcrum of all your intentions. Sometimes, the lack of trust and your efforts to raise walls can also lead to widening of the gap between you.

So, with trust as the background, check out the other 4 techniques.

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