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5 Ways On How to Keep Kids Entertained At Home

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As the entire country goes under a 21-day lockdown, to curb the spread of the deadly coronavirus, with schools closed, kids have no choice but to stay at home. With the Government issuing strict advisory not to venture out, it’s natural for kids to get bored. However, with these activities, you can keep them entertained.

Ways To Keep Kids Entertained At Home

Take up art projects

Most kids find easy DIY crafts art projects interesting, and these can keep them occupied for hours. Make provisions whereby children can take them up on their own.

If some projects require cutting, you can be a helping hand. Note that if you can join your kids in these creative projects, this will double up their joy and enthusiasm.

Provide them audiobooks

Children of the present generation are quite smart and tech-savvy. Audiobooks can not only keep them entertained but also help them learn the art of storytelling. At the same time, these can expand their horizons.

Today, there are many podcast apps that offer stories on various themes including science fiction, thriller, history, documentary and the like. Downloading them on your smartphone is an easy and convenient way to keep them hooked and happy.

Educational games

Educational games can impart knowledge and fun at the same time, keeping away boredom in the process. These games can also enhance the analytical skills of kids.

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You can consider setting a time limit for such games to ensure your kids don’t go overboard. There are many educational games available online for children, which can keep them happy and jovial during these times.

Child development experts have stressed the need for children to play long enough. Research shows that children learn best through playing. According to Harvard professor and education specialist Tony Wagner, problem solving and critical thinking are core skills that children learn from playing.

Subtly encourage your children to play and learn simultaneously with STEM toys — games that teach children about Science Technology Engineering Mathematics. There is no better way to spark curiosity and creativity in kids than toys or games that teach while entertaining! Who knows there might be an Einstein hiding inside your kid?

Talk and play with kids

When children go out and play with their peers, it gives them the freedom to express themselves. However, things are different when they are forced to stay at home. Therefore, it’s important for you as a parent to talk and even play with them, if required.

If you do so, there are high chances of killing the boredom that you child may feel while staying at home for a large number of days. You can divert their attention by telling stories or talking about things that they want to listen to lighten their mood.

Give your kids a virtual tour

Following the Covid-19 outbreak, many places of entertainment such as museums, cinema halls, zoos, parks, malls, etc., have been shut. However, thanks to digitization, you can still visit them over the web.

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You can give your children a virtual tour to art galleries, museums and places of public interest. The stunning visuals will not only keep your little ones entertained but also help them learn things on the go.

In conclusion

The needs for kids are very different from those of adults and in pressing times such as these, they are bound to feel bored and lazy. As a parent, it’s your duty to make them understand the gravity of the situation and lift their spirits.

While you can easily do so with the above tips, make sure to take precautionary measures to avoid the risk of getting contaminated. Children can be a little impatient in times such as these, and can throw tantrums. However, you can manage the situation easily with calmness and patience.

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