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I recently sold my old phone. I had used that phone for a little over 4 years. I wanted a new one, not because I am some technology-freak, but because my old phone was getting difficult to use.

I took my old phone to a mobile selling shop. The shop was also into selling refurbished phones and buying old phones. Coincidentally, it was owned by one of my distant cousins – Gurpreet. Gurpreet is a great guy. He understands his business really well. But when I sold him my old phone – he gave me a price equivalent to 10% of its cost price. I thought he was just a shrewd negotiator. Since I did not get a great deal, I left his store with a hung face after having sold him my old phone and having bought a refurbished phone from his store.

He called me the very next morning. I was a bit angry with the poor deal he gave me on my old phone. But I picked up his phone. He told me that he had enough data with him to easily steal my identity or blackmail me for quite some time. For a minute, I was shocked. Then he broke into a burst of laughter and said that he was kidding. He called me to his store. That was when I realized – I had forgotten a ton of data in the old phone!

Since I was listening, he also told me why he couldn’t give me a great price for my old phone. Here are things I wish I had known before selling my old phone.

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Things to Know Before Selling Your Old Phone:

Wipeout all the data from your device

Gurpreet, my cousin, was just joking when he called. But, if it was someone else, a lot could’ve gone wrong. I had a ton of my personal and professional files stored in my phone’s memory as well as the memory card in the phone.

When you have sold your old phone, make sure you have wiped or transferred all the data from your phone’s memory as well as the memory card, if you are selling it.

Get your phone thoroughly repaired

Gurpreet showed me the expenses he will have to incur in order to bring my phone back to a workable condition. He said that if I had taken the responsibility to get it repaired before I sold it to him, he would’ve offered me a better price because I would’ve sold him a better phone. You don’t have to spend big on major changes. Just add a screen guard, get rid of the scratches, fix the power circuit and make sure all the buttons are working. All of this will add to the resale value of your phone.

Delete all the apps and stop all the account syncs

Some apps use auto-sync options to keep data backup on the phone or to sync data from the cloud on to the phone. If you have sold the phone, anyone who has access to the device will also have access to this data. Hence, delete all the apps you have downloaded in the phone and switch off data syncing. Ideally, you should hit factory reset before you sell your phone. That way, the phone will automatically delete all the files and apps you have downloaded since you bought the phone.

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In Conclusion

There are also some other general recommendations – don’t forget the SIM card inside the phone, try giving all the genuine accessories along with the phone and back up your data before wiping it out from the phone.

I was lucky because Gurpreet wanted to show me how I can protect my data and get a better price on my old phone. You don’t have to commit the same mistakes as I did to learn the same lessons! Just follow the advice given here and your old phone selling experience will be more fulfilling and rewarding.

Not clear, if the person went to a mobile selling shop, how did he get out of the shop after getting invoice for a new mobile?

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