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Car accessories are important for your car. Why? Because the marketers who are selling cars may not know what are you exactly looking for. They have general idea of what you may need in the car – the engine, the seats and the steering. But they don’t know you personally enough to produce a car especially for you. Hence, the entire job of personalizing your car as per your lifestyle, needs and wants – is entirely on you. Buying car accessories is the cheapest and most accessible way to do it. Here is a logical approach you can take, focusing on five key things that will help you decide what kind of car accessories are ideal for your car.

Things To Know When Buying Car Accessories:

Perform a need v/s want assessment of your car.

This may sound something that an MBA student would do for assignment, but it is simpler and more logical than it sounds. Go through your entire car and note every single thing that does not satisfy you. For instance, when you are making a turn, are you not feeling enough grip on the road? Or when you sit in the car, do you hate the smell of the interior? Or, do you miss ‘Manchester United’ when you are on your way to office?

All these questions have simple answers. Each question and your propensity to fulfil the urgency it poses, will show you, whether it is a need or a want. For someone who likes driving high performance car, getting a spoiler might be a need. For someone else, who has never missed a match by Manchester United FC, getting the right keychain to be hung on the rear-view mirror inside the car might be a need. Define your needs and wants, and proceed to step two.

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Make a list of everything you need, followed by everything you want.

Now that you have understood your wants and needs, start making a list of what falls where. Where do you want to put the turbo chargers that you have been thinking about? Are they a need or a want? If you can function without it, it’s definitely a want. If things are simply not working without the accessory, you better start planning to buy it – because it is a pressing need.

For instance – a new car paint may not be a need; a new set of more powerful braking paddles might be.

Make an approximate budget for the entire set of accessories.

Now, hide the entire side of the list that reads ‘Wants’. They have no place in your life, till the needs are taken care of. Once you have understood, what is it that you need to make this car ‘your’ car, start preparing an approximate budget. For every accessory whose price is not in your head, you can always ask Mr Google. If he does not tell you, you can always walk down the road and ask Mr Singh who probably runs a car accessory shop in your locality. Mind well – you are just trying to ask for the price. Don’t start shopping right away.

Like everything else, start with researching online.

Some people end up forming deep relations with their car salesman and hence, will also end up going to the store he recommended for buying car accessory. If your life goal is to enrich every car salesman you ever meet in your life, this is a great plan. If not, you should begin your research with online stores. You can visit Auto Furnish and checkout the wide range of car accessories they have to offer. You will not regret the time you spend on their website!

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Understand the difference in quality, warranty and brands.

Now you have a very comprehensive list of what you need, where you will get it and how much will it cost you. All you have to do now, is – decide, what matters to you. In car accessories, the quality of the product is generally a big differentiator and as it goes without saying, some brands have a lead in this area. So, make your choices carefully.

 In Conclusion

Doing so much work may seem unnecessarily arduous to some people. Think about it this way – you will drive the car for anywhere between two to five years. This is a like a long highway, where a stock car is like a journey all by yourself and a car embedded with accessories you need, is like travelling with a friend – it gives you what you need and comforts you when necessary. We all can use some comfort in our journeys, so go for the car accessories you want!

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