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Enjoy Latest Features On An Old TV With These Hacks

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I was planning to upgrade my old LCD television to a smart TV since long. Many times, I was eager to purchase a smart TV, but I was never able to make a concrete buying decision. Maybe, because deep in my heart, I didn’t want to retire my old LCD. It might be old, but being an environmentalist, I believe everything can be reused over and over again.

So, ditching my original plan of replacing my TV, I began looking for my options. One of my friends suggested me to go to a local TV repair technician. He thought the person could guide me better on how to utilize my TV in a better way.

But when I talked to the technician, he was more interested in buying my old TV set and selling me a brand new smart TV. He even offered me a replacement deal. So that option was shut.

So, I began my own research using the available public resources on the internet. And I am thrilled with the hacks I discovered. Not only did my research made my TV viewing experience better but saved me thousands of rupees. Here is what I did to transform my old TV into a smart TV with all the latest features:

Hacks For Enjoy Latest Features On An Old TV

Used an Android TV Box to Get Android Functionality on my Old TV

The first thing I discovered was that I don’t need to buy a smart TV to get all the features. There are several options available in the market which I can use for the same. I learnt about Amazon Fire Stick, Google Chromecast and dedicated smart TV boxes.

What caught my attention was an Android TV box I found online. The Android box was able to connect to an old TV (even a CRT) and offer the entire Android experience to the user. I was amazed by the value proposition and thought of ordering that. It was available at a low price when I compared it to smart TVs.

When I received and connected the smart TV box to my LCD, I was amazed. Suddenly, I could see whole new possibilities. With the smart TV box, I could use any Android app on my television, including all the available streaming apps like Netflix, Amazon Prime and Hotstar. Also, it allowed me to connect to the internet from my TV itself. I was able to connect a cordless keyboard and mouse to the smart TV box and felt like a king as I can get everything I thought of on my old TV.

Installed a 5.1 Channel Home Theater System to get Surround Sound Experience

My next step was to improve the sound quality of my TV. For the same, I found a 5.1 channel home theatre system that could connect to my TV. I was able to get a good deal online and soon my TV was capable of offering high-quality sound experience.

I was happy with the performance of the 5.1 channel home theatre system and installed the four speakers in four corners of my room with a little effort. Now my room was surround-sound ready.

Used Casting Feature to Connect my Mobile & Laptop to TV Screen

One day, I was just fiddling with my TV set and found a great way to cast my laptop screen and mobile screens wirelessly. I searched for the feature and found it was called casting. My smart TV box had the feature and I was able to connect my laptop to my old TV set to play games or watch movies stored on my laptop, without cables.

Now whenever someone asks me what to do with his/her old TV set, I invite him/her to my home to show how I am using it. Because who would believe I am enjoying all the latest features on my old television! They believe it only when they see it. And now that my hack is out, you can use the same to convert your old TV into a smart TV without spending a fortune.

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