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What I Learnt While Dealing With A Faulty Defrost Of My Fridge?

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I may sound funny while recalling the hazardous moments with my refrigerator. I spotted a major leak in my fridge and was afraid of the upcoming mess. No wonder, my major concern was the well-being of my wallet after shelling out big bucks for the repair. However, I had to face everything. It started after I noticed water in my kitchen-floor. It was midnight and I thought the basin tap might be loose, so I tightened the tap and went to sleep. The next morning, I was shocked by the scenario in my kitchen. The floor was literally flooded, and water was everywhere!

What did I do?

It was a sunny morning (not so sunny for me). I was confused, I was overwhelmed. What to do! Who to call! I knew nothing. Then I called the retailer from whom I had bought the fridge. The customer care team said that it would take nearly 1 week to reach the service person due to some hectic conditions. Therefore, I had to take care of this by myself. I just took a deep breath and started mopping the floor. After the water was cleaned I opened up my fridge and tried to locate the leakage. It was difficult for me to handle things with items on the shelves. So, I emptied the appliance and opened the manual book to unblock the drain.

What actually happened to my refrigerator?

On reading how the defrost functionality of a refrigerator worked, I found that there is a heating mechanism in place that heats the evaporator coil for short periods of time at regular intervals. This helps in clearing any frost that has formed over it. When the frost melts, it is drained out through the pipe into a collecting tray. With my refrigerator, however, the defrost drain froze, resulting in water overflowing and accumulating in the tray. When the tray reached its capacity, it resulted in flooding the floor.

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Believe me, the professional advice always works

I wasn’t satisfied and thus I called in professionals for expert suggestions. They informed me about the condensation leaks. The formed condensation inside the refrigerator is meant to drive by a drain line and drip into the pan. Now if the drain line is obstructed or clogged by unwanted debris and dust, the water won’t be able to store in the pan, rather it will flood your floor. I didn’t know this and thus was lost in the clouds.

Now I take care of my home appliances

No wonder, asking inexperienced people is like wasting your time as they always beat around the bush. If you are facing related issues I would suggest you contact the experts as that would ease your problem. However, that mess taught me a lot. I learned to maintain my refrigerator. Now I clean the water drain line frequently to avoid such a watery nightmare. I also learned about the manual defrost method, where I just de-shelf all the items from the refrigerator, pull the plug, keep the door opened and wait for the ice to melt. This is simple if you have an old model of refrigerator like I do.

To conclude, this was a little journey of my horrible experience with my faulty fridge. I used to have the nightmare of having my kitchen flooded again and again for a few weeks post this incident. However, now I know that things may vary according to the appliance model, so I never forget to consider the manual book.

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