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Life After Lockdown: Try These Things As Curbs Are Lifted

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As the country looks forward to a phased easing of the lockdown, it will be a new world altogether. While the battle against the novel coronavirus is a long drawn one, life after lockdown will be pretty much different from what it used to be earlier. However, to restore normalcy and ensure your overall well-being, you can try out these things once the curbs are lifted.

Try Out These Things Once The Curbs Are Lifted

Meet your family and friends

The lockdown imposed to stop the spread of the deadly virus restricted movement. People were asked to stay in their homes, and those in other cities barely found transport to get back to their native places. Both the central and state governments asked people to stay where they were for safety.

If you have been stuck in a different city, the first thing you should do is to go and meet your family and friends. Doing so will make you happy and give a sense of relief.

If you missed being in the company of your loved ones during the lockdown, make most of the opportunity once restrictions are relaxed. Having said that, you must follow all the protocols, along with personal hygiene practices.

Put new skills to work

The lockdown gave an excellent opportunity to learn new skills. Several paid courses were made free, and the setting was perfect to upgrade yourself. If you have learned any new course or skill, you should try and put it to use post lockdown.

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Doing so will not only give your career a leg-up but also help you identify the gaps and plug the same. You can also teach the skills learned to your peers and indulge in constructive discussions for meaningful outputs.

Practice your hobby

If the restrictions imposed due to lockdown did put brakes on your hobby, you could restart them. As work from home (WFH) became the norm during the lockdown, there could be chances of you not able to pursue your favourite activity on a daily basis.

Once the lockdown is lifted, you can use the relaxation to good use to engage in your favourite pastime. However, if your hobby involves venturing out, do follow the norms of social distancing. Note that the vaccine for COVID-19 is yet to be developed and any mistake could pave way for the virus to return. Therefore, to mitigate this threat, it’s important to follow the norms, practiced during lockdown.

Avoid unnecessary expenses

It’s very easy to give into unnecessary expenses once the norms are relaxed. There could be a strong urge to indulge in binge spending. However, you must avoid them as much as possible to ensure you have enough liquidity.

If you are part of the organised workforce, pay cuts can’t be ruled out. With limited cash in hand, adopting due diligence while spending can go a long way in ensuring financial well-being. By limiting spending only on essential items, you can easily sustain with limited cash flow.

Take stock of your emergency corpus

This is a crucial lookout post lockdown. If you had built an emergency corpus, there is a good chance of it being depleted during this period. Therefore, you need to take stock of the corpus and make up for the shortfall through disciplined investments.

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Ideally an emergency fund should be equivalent to 3- or 6-months’ expenses. You can build the corpus through investments in various financial avenues. Make sure the assets you choose can be liquidated easily.

In conclusion

COVID-19 has taught us valuable lessons on personal hygiene and social distancing. Make sure to follow them in the coming days to ensure the safety of your loved ones and the welfare of the society at large.

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