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Pregnancy is life changing, and during those nine months, as well as after the baby is born, our bodies go through a series of changes that are surprising and, sometimes, even alarming.

I had a smooth pregnancy and an even smoother delivery. However, the changes that my body underwent after I delivered a beautiful baby boy were quite noticeable. Not in the eyes of others, but mostly in my own eyes.

I had a C-section, and for at least a period of 4 weeks or so, I felt quite numb, tired mostly and did not feel like getting up from the bed at all.

At first, my husband was quite worried about my state, but the doctors said that it was normal for me to feel this drowsy and exhausted after a caesarean delivery, as I’d lost a good amount of blood during the surgery.

Fortunately, I bonded well with my baby boy in those 30 to 35 days and spent most of my time with him, of course. Gradually, as the fatigue went away, I felt a chronic backache, especially when I sat on a chair or the sofa.

Way To Manage Body Change After Pregnancy

I also felt cramps in my abdomen, a bit like the period cramps I used to have earlier. My gynecologist filled me in on the cause of such issues.

I learned from her that my back muscles ached as they took on the additional weight of my baby for all those months consistently.

The reason for my abdominal cramps was my uterus was shrinking back to its normal size after pregnancy. These cramps were termed as ‘after pains’ by my gynecologist.

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I also felt difficulties while urinating in the first week after my delivery. Often I felt like urinating but was unable to do so, and there was this burning sensation, which was really uncomfortable.

I looked up the symptoms on the internet and also asked my doctor about the same. She said that these after birth sensations, also known as incontinence, will eventually pass, and yes, they did.

These symptoms were caused by the exhaustion of the pelvic muscles during childbirth. She also advised me to take warm baths and drink lots of water.

I followed her instructions carefully, and in another week or so, I was able to urinate properly again.

After childbirth, my breasts swelled up and became sore in the first few weeks after delivery. However, when I started breastfeeding, the swelling and soreness gradually went away.

I also experienced more hair fall than normal in the days after my delivery. My doctor explained that it was because of the reduced amount of oestrogen in my blood, unlike during pregnancy when I had thick, lustrous tresses.

Now, after 7 months of delivery, my hair fall has lessened, and I have little discomfort in my body that is noticeable, except for the stretch marks in my abdomen. I apply Aloe Vera gel regularly to get rid of those.

No matter how many postpartum changes my body went through, I never regret going through pregnancy and childbirth. Following my doctor’s instructions helped me avoid most of the postpartum issues that I had seen some other friends experience.

Being a mother is indeed life-changing, and I now feel ready for all the challenges that motherhood holds.

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